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Trading - Psychology

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Welcome to Trading - Psychology. You may enter any of the discussions below by clicking on the appropriate link. Or, to start a new discussion of your own, click on the Start New Thread button.

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Psychology of Tradingshadetreetrader20-Jan-17  07:23 am
Tradingeric127 06-May-14  03:14 pm
Personality Typesefficiency14-Mar-11  02:54 pm
The forum has rotated Elvis Presleycolin_twiggs08-Jan-11  10:05 am
Seven questions for stock tradersehmu28-Dec-10  11:58 am
Should I Become a Fulltime Trader/Investor?ehmu26 31-Oct-10  01:51 pm
FEAR AND GREED?spider87 27-Oct-10  10:21 am
Never give UP!harlan880009-Oct-10  04:29 pm
Market Depth Discussiongdd313-May-10  12:52 am
Gone Full Time Tradingingot5428 25-Jan-10  06:05 pm
Break Downchart_rider32 14-Jan-10  09:44 am
Trader Profileshailoh14 29-May-08  11:13 pm
Need a good stock trading system bundy26-Apr-08  07:40 pm
So this is Christmascaptain_chaza44 17-Jan-08  07:28 pm
Good Trading Habitssmallworld11-Jan-08  01:17 am
Paper Trading vs Real Tradingmorton18 10-Jan-08  04:44 pm
A Subjective Review efficiency04-Jan-08  02:35 am
Breaking out of the Family Circleingot5422-Nov-07  03:47 pm
Cutting your losses short should be a subjective choiceqed18 13-Oct-07  02:16 pm
Small Trader - Good Lessonssmallworld14 19-Sep-07  11:17 pm
Trading gamechinatown30-Jun-07  10:58 pm
The Secretcolin_twiggs87 23-Jun-07  02:17 pm
Trader Psychology blogmum20-May-07  10:58 am
Younger generation has a greater fear of loss.spider03-May-07  04:07 pm
NO REMORSE AND A COLD HEARTmrbzatwork20-Apr-07  01:54 pm
Trading Gamechinatown19-Apr-07  02:00 am
Playing to Win or Playing not to loseeric23-Mar-07  07:05 pm
Eric,s Psych Circleeric35 27-Feb-07  03:54 pm
Addiction to Perfectionstoian13 20-Feb-07  07:11 pm
My Trading Revelationjulles17-Feb-07  02:06 am
Trading as a careermaxboost05-Feb-07  05:44 pm
A Bet on a Hurricane - Unrealstickman05-Feb-07  03:21 pm
What are the signs of an overheated market?mezza827-Jan-07  02:42 pm
Developing Discipline in the Small Time Traderqed15 23-Jan-07  12:18 am
Definition of Trading Capitalsway11 18-Jan-07  11:05 pm
Arctic Dreams & Nightmaresohkoolnutz10-Jan-07  10:32 pm
Confusion between Trading and Investinglafee17 30-Dec-06  09:45 pm
Essential Characteristics of the Successful Traderdavid_louisson13-Dec-06  09:30 am
Shakeout or Shakeup rockon16 09-Dec-06  02:42 pm
What it takes to be greataakindia05-Nov-06  01:48 am
COURAGE?00746 23-Oct-06  02:06 pm
The Novice, the Expert and the Expert Sharkingot5448 10-Oct-06  10:17 am
SUCCESS............hilarius20 08-Oct-06  06:07 pm
Dissillusionedshelton32 26-Sep-06  08:23 pm
What is a want ?peterloh19 21-Sep-06  01:03 pm
Ready to Learnsurferdude27 20-Sep-06  03:49 pm
In Retrospect: A Fantastic Storystickman31-Aug-06  10:48 am
Toxic Trading by Janice Dornkate10 18-Aug-06  08:42 am
K.I.S.S. of Tradingelisabeth12-Aug-06  06:16 pm
Losing confidence...aakindia17 18-Jul-06  12:18 am
Being right feels good, but is it?perler5905-Jul-06  12:27 pm
What Do You See When You Look in the Mirror?stickman05-Jul-06  10:10 am
Emotion Free Tradingqed24 03-Jul-06  12:01 am
Staying Too Long.spider28-Jun-06  03:54 pm
Anatomy of Trading Greatnessausdoc16-Jun-06  05:33 pm
Traders Motivation.spider05-Jun-06  03:19 pm
Fake it till you make it.lafee27-May-06  12:00 am
My first 6 months of trading....not for the faint hearted..iwillwin30 07-May-06  06:14 pm
HOW IMPORTANT IS TRADING PSYCHOLOGY?peterloh72 04-Apr-06  02:14 am
Life Stages of the Average Tradernutmeg18 02-Apr-06  06:53 pm
INSPIRATION ingot5430-Mar-06  10:22 pm
The break-even fallacydavid_louisson05-Mar-06  07:14 pm
Complexitycc303-Mar-06  01:10 pm
Programmed Trading with a blind foldchart_rider02-Mar-06  12:39 pm
Mindfullness...redbellie10 24-Feb-06  09:25 pm
Mentoring - A buddy systemingot5423-Feb-06  07:25 pm
Brain scans of tradersdutchdanish14-Feb-06  10:43 am
Whos looking over my shoulder?mustang03-Feb-06  11:36 am
Need advice on how to place ordersken10 26-Jan-06  01:14 pm
Fully accepting the risk of tradingdavid_louisson16 09-Jan-06  06:30 am
The Answer?snorter19-Dec-05  11:13 pm
Articles on Trading psychologyzoso24 12-Dec-05  11:34 pm
MISTAKES IN TRADING.......daz10-Dec-05  12:05 pm
Large Buys at Auction timepaolo01-Dec-05  09:17 pm
The true purposes and definition of THE HOLY GRAIL!stoian25-Nov-05  08:11 pm
Models don`t lie!!!stoian16-Nov-05  08:50 pm
Taking stopsingot5430 06-Nov-05  07:28 am
MENTORS.ingot5410 06-Nov-05  07:16 am
The October shakes now in Septemberingot5406-Nov-05  06:45 am
Love the Lizard Brain and Prosperdug27-Oct-05  04:45 pm
Emotionally-impaired make better tradersmorton21-Sep-05  02:06 pm
Trading Plandug15-Sep-05  09:58 am
Entry Problem ....morton13 12-Sep-05  03:56 pm
PERSISTENCE...........spider03-Sep-05  11:33 pm
Trading simulatorsingot5421 02-Sep-05  01:12 pm
DO YOU SEE THE HOLY GRAIL?stoian31-Aug-05  07:21 pm
Irrational Analysts and their Expectationsingot5427-Aug-05  08:27 pm
Millionaires Mind Setlowwy26-Aug-05  12:21 pm
The Disciplined Trader by Mark Douglasmoleman28 25-Aug-05  06:05 pm
Paying too much for something....msparks10 21-Aug-05  07:41 pm
Inspired Life dug20-Aug-05  02:49 pm
Let me share a present experiencedeanrosario52 19-Aug-05  10:50 am
The Search For the Holy Grailann16-Aug-05  03:30 pm
Profit Taking - What is it?stoian22-Jul-05  10:16 pm
Do It Your Self Investing - Its A No-Brainer davkell11-Jul-05  07:56 pm
Dont you just Hate It! When Everyone Else gets it Wrong!julles12 22-Jun-05  12:07 am
Are the games just beginning...???deanrosario12 18-Jun-05  09:57 pm
Whose fault are your trades?patch16-Jun-05  09:20 pm
SPIDER MADE ME DO IT with some help from HCpatch15 14-Jun-05  07:31 pm
TRADING EDGEbluebird14-May-05  07:54 pm
GOD is an Australian!nicola11-May-05  07:12 pm
An insight into participants in the Australian marketdeanrosario12 10-May-05  10:28 am
Market top - How do you act or reactmacka11 20-Apr-05  01:04 am
Putting up with lossesrapidcat16 15-Apr-05  03:39 am
Finding The Zone vermante08-Apr-05  10:03 am
Short Stuff?julles81 21-Mar-05  12:00 am
Gaps - Measure of Herd Mentalitymsparks43 15-Mar-05  10:58 am
Percentage of people who lose moneydogalog03-Mar-05  01:44 pm
ASX - PSYCHOLOGY OF INVESTINGann02-Mar-05  08:16 pm
IC Chart Forum - my psychological safety net julles15 25-Feb-05  11:44 pm
The Zonetull11-Feb-05  01:35 pm
Not Blueprint, but footprint of a trader.smallworld14 09-Feb-05  01:28 pm
The Stock Trader by Tony Ozsmallworld30-Jan-05  07:49 pm
Never Lower your stopdeanrosario14 12-Jan-05  06:27 am
Sticking to the plan!mojoe04-Jan-05  02:34 pm
New Year Resolutionsoldwombat02-Jan-05  09:13 pm
Does size really matter?stevo02-Jan-05  09:16 am
Giving % of Profits to Charityingot5410 01-Jan-05  01:27 pm
Error of my Waysdogalog21 23-Dec-04  12:39 pm
Anyone see BREAKING VEGAS? Day trading is a waste of time elliots12-Dec-04  02:39 pm
PROTECTING YOUR CAPITALspider42 09-Dec-04  06:15 pm
Trading Egde?!vermante32 27-Nov-04  11:54 am
Must a trade be in profit from the start?mojoe23-Nov-04  06:20 am
Market crashesperler5910 11-Nov-04  09:43 pm
Gaming helps traders score big-timedogalog05-Nov-04  08:30 pm
What do others think of your trading.tbreak14 27-Oct-04  10:44 am
Intuitive Tradingsmallworld25-Oct-04  11:45 pm
EMOTIONS.brandonf20-Oct-04  10:52 am
A cool post from back in the day.qman14-Oct-04  07:14 pm
Should I be prepared to lose my capital?suemac10 10-Oct-04  12:50 pm
Myers-Briggs types/Keirsey temperament and tradingandrewk23 20-Sep-04  06:29 pm
Why do YOU trade?deanrosario12 18-Sep-04  08:50 pm
Married and trading!ingot5422 18-Sep-04  01:27 am
38-Steps to a possible Profitable tradersuemac05-Sep-04  12:54 pm
Paper trading plansjezzcb10 04-Sep-04  08:43 am
Scared money never wins!jezzcb10 25-Aug-04  02:34 pm
Stopshershy15-Aug-04  09:14 pm
I Only Trade Penniespeterloh04-Aug-04  10:39 am
The chicken and the eggdeanrosario13 02-Aug-04  03:32 am
Exits and entriesperler5935 31-Jul-04  05:29 pm
Are you prepared for a bear market?daves75 25-Jul-04  03:55 pm
Discipline in Trading and Investingchicoy16 08-Jul-04  03:18 am
Futures are a zero-sum game ?mosaic199607-Jul-04  09:29 am
Put the crystal ball away!spider14 04-Jul-04  02:37 pm
How much time do you devote to chart study each day?deanrosario26 01-Jul-04  11:19 am
You cannot possess a complete understanding of the markets!andrewk30-Jun-04  07:39 pm
WHERE THE MONEY COMES FROM.maligas27-Jun-04  03:01 pm
Language give aways...................shawky10 24-Jun-04  10:16 pm
Trader profiles.........fox_terrier35 24-Jun-04  01:25 pm
Follow your plan!stevo28 06-Jun-04  09:11 pm
Personality Typesperler5905-Jun-04  01:13 pm
Brokers are not your friends!deanrosario22-May-04  11:20 am
What changes the market ?andrewk21-May-04  08:39 am
Words of wisdomscarrie12 22-Apr-04  09:21 pm
IC scan lower priced shares and MMAsquirk19-Mar-04  02:57 pm
Capital preservation and growth v contrarianism stevo16-Mar-04  07:06 pm
What you see on a chart !mosaic199620 16-Mar-04  08:09 am
The Desire to be Rightsmallworld13-Mar-04  05:07 pm
THERE ARE GURUS AT THE BOTTOM OF MY GARDEN!new2waix10-Mar-04  01:26 am
Taking responsibilitycolin_twiggs05-Mar-04  01:12 pm
Stop Lossxilian12-Feb-04  10:34 am
Spending Too Much Time Over Tradingstockteacher06-Jan-04  08:02 am
Psychology of Trading Short vs Long patch05-Jan-04  03:12 am
When do I buycrossover27-Oct-03  04:19 pm
Married a long time....................gundy15-Oct-03  10:51 pm
Competence in Tradingchance12 05-Oct-03  10:53 pm
Counter trend daystrademaker06-Sep-03  12:28 pm
SIG tradeinvestinit15-Aug-03  01:27 am
Any Psychologists on Board?iquest19 02-Jul-03  02:27 am
Stoploss and profit booking strategiesraj200317-Mar-03  06:01 pm
Overcoming your Bias. A simple check for MetaStock users.uturn16-Feb-03  04:40 pm
Fabulous Forum!pagenip23-Jan-03  12:54 pm
Market depthvikk33 26-Aug-02  10:14 am
Off seats trades/crossingsColin Twiggs19-Jul-02  11:09 am

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