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Welcome to Trading - Systems. You may enter any of the discussions below by clicking on the appropriate link. Or, to start a new discussion of your own, click on the Start New Thread button.

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Twiggs Momentum Oscillatordydavo11 16-Mar-19  06:16 pm
Do Stop Losses Really Work?pjf00072 28-Dec-18  02:36 pm
Short selling, what is it and how do you do it...spdfgh28-Dec-18  02:23 pm
I.C. Mobile App... an incredible oportunity presents...colin_twiggs37 19-Feb-18  12:02 pm
Divergencespdfgh26-Jan-18  12:37 pm
Trade Entry/Exit - Dollar Cost Averagingshadetreetrader41 09-Sep-17  08:49 am
Timeframe For Intraday Tradingqed07-Jun-16  11:57 pm
Weinstein Revisitedhailoh33 31-Jan-16  07:00 pm
I am no longer afraiddved15-Aug-15  04:35 am
Market Filter/Switchshadetreetrader15 03-Jan-15  03:10 pm
Redline Trading Systemcolin_twiggs02-Mar-13  03:37 pm
DMI billcu13-Feb-13  04:55 pm
Low Volatility Up-Trendfibonacci13 22-Jan-13  05:03 pm
Meansbillcu21-Jan-13  07:43 am
Risk Management: The 2% or 1% Rulesway50 20-Jan-13  07:21 pm
The Trend is the Holy Grail ?msparks15 16-Jan-13  10:44 pm
Trading Breakoutsmsparks12 16-Jan-13  09:57 pm
Traders International Is anyone on here using this system?colin_twiggs39 02-May-12  04:57 pm
Twiggs Moneyespresso12 25-Apr-12  04:02 pm
Cash allocation per share and max number of shares held??gamefisherman22-Mar-12  12:14 am
Need trading system ideas.....msparks08-Nov-11  06:12 am
AK47 RECORD KEEPING & RISK MANAGMENTatpl200229-Aug-11  08:27 am
Stan Weinsteinjbulog23-Aug-11  09:26 pm
Best Automated Order Execution and Money Managementshawky07-Aug-11  05:06 pm
Administrative advantages, tax sheltered accounts.ehmu20-Jul-11  05:03 am
Four Amigos---34/13ema--smoothed mom--RSI--Ab volehmu26 23-May-11  03:27 am
The Complete Guide to Day Tradingehmu29-Apr-11  03:19 am
Help with DMI system coded for Trade Station 2000ileonard24-Apr-11  07:24 am
Active Investing short sellinglmt15-Apr-11  04:52 pm
All know-it-alls and students welcome , freeehmu04-Apr-11  07:58 am
Instalment Warrant Modellingespresso23-Feb-11  09:29 pm
CFDs with Covered Callsjane7007-Feb-11  11:06 am
The Trend is weakeningehmu24-Jan-11  03:49 am
Trading System Ideasbm_73 30-Dec-10  07:46 am
What is your trading style ?ehmu07-Dec-10  05:42 am
Covered calls with CFDs?229217 09-Nov-10  08:30 am
Thread found on Facebookhershy27-Oct-10  07:25 pm
Elite Traderssir_lance20-Oct-10  11:52 am
Holy Grail - 80%sir_lance05-Oct-10  08:10 am
Can you make monely trading for dividends?blumenei03-Sep-10  08:41 pm
Brokersblumenei03-Sep-10  08:38 pm
Market Mechanism Changesblumenei51 10 04-Aug-10  06:28 pm
Gary Stones Sharewealth Systemspaulh19-Jul-10  07:09 pm
Safety stops and the flash crashjaded03-Jul-10  05:40 pm
Trading using MAsdanielc01-Jul-10  11:58 am
Advice on stock picking system please.ken16-Jun-10  10:54 pm
Momentum Tradingalex_lyall44 14-Jun-10  07:39 pm
Difference between softwaresalex_lyall21 25-May-10  07:18 pm
The Loan Shark Methodjaded26 17-May-10  10:06 pm
Profit takingbreaker_111-Mar-10  03:57 pm
Safety In the Market ABC trading scanmaittlen09-Mar-10  07:26 pm
Trading structuremassner11 26-Feb-10  02:30 am
Please review my trading system!ninja01-Feb-10  11:30 pm
I have a plan!easymoney32 28-Nov-09  11:09 am
Screening Helprastus8106-Nov-09  07:35 pm
Trading Tuitionrockon04-Oct-09  08:25 am
Should a trading system be back tested?stoian11 25-Sep-09  05:26 pm
Real Life Exampleresillent117 06-Aug-09  12:20 pm
Livermore Swing Systemxmess713 21-Jun-09  05:34 pm
Breakout softwarecolin_twiggs21-Jun-09  02:18 pm
Trading sitesjimmyparky10-Apr-09  06:26 am
Daily Profitscaptain_chaza13 23-Mar-09  06:46 pm
Buying after marketcaptain_chaza12 19-Mar-09  05:27 pm
MACD histograms/Twiggs/ROCrusty9908-Jan-09  07:17 am
Weinstein Discussiondavkell20 24-Dec-08  01:26 am
Just starting Outjeffro11220 14-Dec-08  11:00 am
BNB Triple Screenrastus8102-Nov-08  09:22 pm
Which software enable you trade on US stock market?simterann19-Oct-08  01:05 pm
Vantage Pointcowboy14-Aug-08  05:44 pm
Darvas Boxesthesnowman25 31-Jul-08  09:26 pm
Trader with Newslettersdavkell31-Jul-08  11:11 am
Weinstein Method - Software or tools to find S2 stocks?coyotte10 02-Jul-08  10:31 pm
The Weinstein Registersway132 21 01-Jul-08  04:03 pm
Weinstein Method - Stage 2? Head & Shoulders pattern?tryhay30-Jun-08  09:55 am
Weinstein Method - Question about trendlines.sway25-Jun-08  07:10 pm
Newcastle and Central Coast System Traders wealthlab04-May-08  07:49 pm
Davos hedge fundphilr32 16-Apr-08  02:07 pm
Making money by random selectionssittingduck15-Apr-08  09:52 pm
Hurst cyclesrhobbo112-Apr-08  08:35 pm
Get a New Highhibikijoji128 04-Apr-08  07:50 am
Variation on Pairs Tradingmikeissimo26-Mar-08  01:11 am
RS of Houstonmoidart13-Feb-08  06:59 pm
Trending Vs Non Trending Marketscaptain_chaza11-Feb-08  11:54 pm
VWAP Part Two.coyotte22 01-Feb-08  09:01 am
Amibrokerohkoolnutz10 12-Jan-08  06:25 pm
CMC cfdsralfsigfridsson27-Dec-07  06:19 am
2008 and Weinstein Stage 2coyotte22-Dec-07  01:30 pm
How have you improved this year.canam36 22-Dec-07  01:12 am
Following Directors Tradespeter119-Dec-07  04:38 pm
Trading non-trending marketsmarcusdw115-Dec-07  06:03 pm
My Most Successful Trading Strategy coyotte162 30-Nov-07  12:44 pm
Trading Books for Salebundy28-Nov-07  10:02 am
THRILL SEEKING on Intra-Day Chartscaptain_chaza23-Nov-07  06:27 pm
Share Trading with less than 25 Grand.dug182 21-Nov-07  04:24 pm
The Practical Impossibility Of Meeting Backtest Resultshibikijoji12 01-Nov-07  08:26 am
Sophisticated Investorsdug28-Oct-07  12:00 pm
Market Depth - A gift from the devil dug14 24-Oct-07  01:15 pm
Day Trading the ASX20 with CFDeric36 21-Oct-07  06:18 pm
ZigZagcjb20-Oct-07  12:23 am
The concept of evolution theory as trading systemsittingduck10-Oct-07  10:08 pm
Trading theory for small time traders.dutchdanish15-Sep-07  05:04 am
Which is Harder ?qed13 09-Sep-07  09:46 pm
Learning Stock Tradingdavkell08-Sep-07  05:03 pm
% of profit p/azpih205-Sep-07  03:03 pm
Following the Big Money/ Smart Moneyjunkone05-Sep-07  11:12 am
Advance / Decline Correlationjunkone22-Aug-07  05:46 am
Market Matrix by Steve Copan, is it any good?davkell21-Aug-07  01:39 pm
TMF Divergences?sway21-Aug-07  12:37 pm
Trading For A Living?junkone21-Aug-07  01:02 am
What stage is this indexjunkone19-Aug-07  07:34 am
Great system or fake?morton10-Aug-07  05:44 pm
DMS and the XJO - hmmmmm of latewanabe112 02-Aug-07  07:15 pm
Greed is Good!hilarius01-Aug-07  10:26 pm
Daily targets for intraday SPIandyzed01-Aug-07  12:37 pm
Weinstein system in other markets....natro06-Jul-07  07:37 am
Volume Trading Does it Work?captain_chaza05-Jul-07  12:00 am
Swing Tradingbackstop69 03-Jul-07  10:01 am
The Fractals Edgelafee02-Jul-07  01:46 pm
Snifter & Alan Hulls systemeblode22-Jun-07  02:43 pm
Trading Plan results on spi200avihud21-Jun-07  01:05 pm
Yahoo messenger Chat sessions groupborn2win07-Jun-07  09:03 am
Time Stops for Dugshah_ji07-Jun-07  03:07 am
Buying into dips during uptrend?hibikijoji21-May-07  02:55 pm
Trading XJO on CFDsborn2win12 12-May-07  07:35 am
Trend Following Systems!!mrbzatwork22 09-May-07  10:47 am
End of Day EOD Trading Systemmsparks24 30-Apr-07  12:06 am
RSI Oversold Strategytraderaj26-Apr-07  08:38 am
So many chartstyche28-Mar-07  03:40 am
The Snifter systemtimmers11127-Mar-07  06:15 am
Gann trading ..... astrostuff .....yogiinoz61 22-Mar-07  10:42 pm
E-minis.. where to trade?wambam21-Mar-07  08:05 pm
ActTrade - Change the rules?wadda21-Mar-07  02:04 am
ActTrade - Follow the rules?qed19-Mar-07  09:58 pm
VWAP is the WORDlafee80 07-Mar-07  06:57 pm
If you had $3K....captain_chaza18 02-Mar-07  08:50 pm
Greedy Banksingot5402-Mar-07  06:04 pm
How big is your CFD account?jimdene49 28-Feb-07  01:31 am
ASX Futures v Physical Market Correlation or Lack of itingot5426-Feb-07  08:52 pm
Polynomial Forecastsstoian18 22-Feb-07  10:22 pm
Excel/vba automated system tradingdavedagr818-Feb-07  12:30 am
LIVE OPTIONS TRADERS OPINIONS NEEDEDcurtains29 14-Feb-07  08:45 pm
Gryphon Learningdavkell02-Feb-07  01:22 am
S&P500 Trading using VWAPdug01-Feb-07  09:01 pm
Trading systems for different times of the marketlafee16-Jan-07  06:37 pm
Exitsbbj_anchor15-Jan-07  03:53 pm
Mini Parcels whats dScam?perler5977 07-Jan-07  08:14 pm
Help for newcomer and Snifter Systemalcione20 07-Jan-07  07:47 pm
Short term short tradingddrinkal07-Jan-07  06:28 am
Trend Following Booksbrand15-Dec-06  06:54 am
Trading the SPI 200perler5962 14-Dec-06  09:02 pm
Gap doji day tradefroggy05-Dec-06  12:43 pm
Trading computer setupcanam23 14-Nov-06  12:59 am
Portfolio Weightingchrismas12-Nov-06  12:56 pm
Trends & TripWirestbreak12 12-Nov-06  12:21 am
lessons learnt palace07-Nov-06  09:32 pm
Profit targets or let it ride ?philr57 06-Nov-06  11:59 pm
Forecastingstoian36 02-Nov-06  01:29 am
Emini tradingmaskiepop23-Oct-06  03:10 am
Simple trading systemaakindia28 15-Oct-06  07:28 pm
Penny dreadfulsdanielc71 05-Oct-06  01:27 pm
Mechanical versus discretionary trading systemjimdene03-Oct-06  12:39 am
Watchlists- whos kidding who ?dug29-Sep-06  12:32 pm
Are futures trading trying to predict the future?deanrosario12 24-Sep-06  09:09 pm
Money/Risk Management and leverage/CFDcoyotte60 29-Aug-06  01:48 am
Warrants vs CFDsholycow27-Aug-06  10:42 pm
What is a reasonable annualised return?davkell127 13-Aug-06  08:24 pm
Joe Sammon and his S.M.A.R.T systemraindog53 09-Aug-06  11:54 am
Debt/Equity ratio for Active Investors/Tradersmosaic199606-Aug-06  09:04 pm
Trading Other Peoples Moneymsparks06-Aug-06  07:47 pm
BOOKS for sale- New & Perfect conditionmissy01-Aug-06  07:44 pm
Biggest mistakes when tradingaakindia29-Jul-06  01:48 am
Four years laterdydavo04-Jul-06  10:10 am
Moving Average Crossoversperler5903-Jul-06  02:51 pm
An easy test?easymoney03-Jul-06  12:37 pm
Index Trading with CMCperler5994 21-Jun-06  01:06 pm
Factors against Newby Traders!ddrinkal19-Jun-06  04:11 pm
Trading Waiting for a Split.dug12-Jun-06  03:08 pm
Backtesting-IC and Scanvestcanam18 12-Jun-06  02:01 pm
XJO v Individual stock tradingbrumby10-Jun-06  09:11 pm
CCI & DPO for FOREXingot5410 20-May-06  12:11 am
Percentage Return on Systemssmallworld18-May-06  07:03 pm
CFDs - Long Term tradespeter1186 15-May-06  11:41 pm
Simple ASX 200 System Viability?canam15-May-06  12:27 pm
Managed Investments v DIYstevo15 12-May-06  06:49 pm
Trading Simulator stevo12-May-06  06:19 pm
CFDs Long term Trading Plancanam09-May-06  11:17 pm
MY WAY, WHATS YOURS?canam09-May-06  01:06 pm
CFDs & Position Sizingingot5418 06-May-06  01:22 am
CFDs - A creche for the successful trader.ingot54112 04-May-06  10:35 pm
Snifter systemcrimpy03-May-06  05:58 pm
2 % Ruleingot5420 01-May-06  11:07 am
Portfolio Heatmsparks24-Apr-06  08:01 pm
EXIT STRATEGIES.................ingot5411 24-Apr-06  07:57 pm
Stop loss system Weinstein/Sniftertimmers11114-Apr-06  12:36 am
CFD Free Equityjimdene09-Apr-06  02:41 am
The Hilarius Trading Plan ... Article 1hilarius47 05-Apr-06  04:04 pm
Trading With Marginpeterloh11 30-Mar-06  11:48 pm
NR4 Query00712-Mar-06  02:42 pm
Weinstein stage 1--2 questionragchewer23-Feb-06  07:58 pm
Dividend Informationann17 29-Jan-06  11:20 pm
Brokers and short positionsdavkell23-Jan-06  11:25 pm
Stock Screenscolin_twiggs17-Jan-06  10:50 am
Trading The Big Cycle: Stocks or Mutual Fundscolin_twiggs11 11-Jan-06  09:50 am
How to trade Aussie Sectors/Indecies like XJO, XUJ ...yc196210-Jan-06  10:11 am
Help With Shares Issued?dug10-Jan-06  08:23 am
Trading with CMC Mobile Market Makertomsweb11 05-Jan-06  09:22 pm
Having the Edge on the Marketdavid_louisson05-Jan-06  06:31 am
Santas Green Squeezeshilarius11 02-Jan-06  02:40 pm
Meta Stock Formulatull31-Dec-05  09:17 pm
Stop losskate10 31-Dec-05  11:27 am
How to Measure Your Equity Curve/Rate of Returnmosaic199628-Dec-05  10:45 am
Reality Based Trading Company Articlessnorter19 24-Dec-05  01:15 am
Profit taking on short term systemmosaic199622 19-Dec-05  12:31 pm
On market buy back?what does it meansatitoca19-Dec-05  12:21 pm
ASX Changescolin_twiggs14-Dec-05  11:38 am
Elliot Waveshilarius39 13-Dec-05  08:46 am
Stock screeners...webbsta11-Dec-05  11:08 pm
Finding a trading system that fits your style...dutchdanish17 11-Dec-05  07:44 am
Westpac Broking Price Hiketbreak25-Nov-05  01:11 am
Who picked the downtrend on the 4th Oct ?satitoca31 23-Nov-05  09:02 pm
Free Video Chats vermante18-Nov-05  07:58 am
Frank Tubbs and his Swing Rulechart_rider14-Nov-05  07:45 pm
Geometry of the Stock Marketdavkell08-Nov-05  10:19 pm
C.A.N.S.L.I.Mstevo08-Nov-05  03:14 pm
Is the Aussie 100 or SPI,The Ideal Index For Day Trading vermante08-Nov-05  08:29 am
Day Tradingchart_rider40 06-Nov-05  06:28 pm
Trend Identificationhilarius06-Nov-05  11:58 am
Do market makers profit from your losses?deanrosario12 31-Oct-05  02:30 pm
Daytrading - its not for everyonechart_rider29 26-Oct-05  01:29 pm
King Arthurs Round Table: Seeking the Holy Grailcolin_twiggs292 25-Oct-05  02:57 pm
Stopsazure13 21-Oct-05  11:38 pm
Hibikis Mechanical Trading System - Day Gap Tradingmorton14-Oct-05  02:01 pm
Back testing capabilities?uey10-Oct-05  02:59 pm
Trading Recordsdeanrosario28-Sep-05  11:20 am
Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglasdavkell27-Sep-05  09:33 pm
Man Financial CFDs Compared to CMCfibonacci25-Sep-05  05:23 pm
Charting ASX200 and all ords industrials - comparing perler5923-Sep-05  09:53 am
Directors Buyingmum11 21-Sep-05  08:50 pm
Is it ever possible to successfully lead the market?deanrosario14 14-Sep-05  09:42 pm
Putting the FA cart before the TA horsehilarius14-Sep-05  03:38 pm
Favourite IC Scansingot5435 14-Sep-05  02:59 pm
Commitments of Tradersdydavo10-Sep-05  03:15 pm
DMI & Parabolic SARdavkell05-Sep-05  01:13 am
Trading CFD using DMI for signals.shaunus10 02-Sep-05  06:52 pm
Removing lower toolbar headings in ICjimdene02-Sep-05  05:08 pm
Stockbroker Underwritingstoian29-Aug-05  11:55 pm
Louise Bedford ??david_louisson61 29-Aug-05  11:46 am
Checkmate to the MIT MATH!stoian28-Aug-05  04:45 pm
List of specific questions for Mr Doru Stoianstoian13 15-Aug-05  06:10 am
On C mc/fds etal.dug12-Aug-05  11:36 am
Crude oil price chartsalphapiper07-Aug-05  12:00 pm
EMAs of Daily Highs and Lows.chart_rider16 04-Aug-05  08:56 am
Live Share Registry Feedmr_superficial03-Aug-05  12:22 am
TURA trading systemsumamura01-Aug-05  01:30 pm
Weinstein System - Better way to enter?hlpsg29-Jul-05  01:56 pm
Trading SFE Stuff - Stoploss Effectsingot5428-Jul-05  12:21 am
How to you think of XAN?chart_rider25-Jul-05  02:00 pm
Forecast. Definition and methods.stoian73 23-Jul-05  07:27 am
System Testingdavkell18-Jul-05  07:12 pm
Does Entry matter?00765 14-Jul-05  12:28 pm
Position Size Calculatoringot5411 14-Jul-05  12:19 pm
SFE data and chartsmurry11-Jul-05  03:24 am
Shakeouts / Stop Loss Raidslongshanks100 24-Jun-05  10:35 am
Screening data for Weinstein stage {1-4} stockssangfroid24-Jun-05  03:59 am
Trading Long Experiment tony_m13 17-Jun-05  06:53 pm
The best traders keep it simple...longshanks56 17-Jun-05  05:10 pm
Short termers, what do you look for?nhojmabon08-Jun-05  06:03 pm
Shortingspider79 06-Jun-05  03:12 pm
End of day trading system for ASX200easymoney30 05-Jun-05  12:44 pm
Divergence trading00722 03-Jun-05  09:46 am
Do stocks mean regress?longshanks02-Jun-05  01:24 am
Warrantslongshanks11-May-05  10:44 am
Pairs Trading with CFDsmrtrigger08-May-05  07:16 pm
Weekly vs Dailydavid_louisson06-May-05  09:06 am
Dual Listinglongshanks11 04-May-05  12:08 pm
Maxi Tradernewjms14 30-Apr-05  06:35 pm
Short Term Vs Medium Termkaveman26-Apr-05  10:52 am
CFDTraders.commbes26-Apr-05  01:57 am
CMC trading schooldavkell15-Apr-05  01:41 am
Trading softwaredavkell08-Apr-05  11:44 am
Chart screen setupcolin_twiggs05-Apr-05  06:51 am
Forex tradingshonky27-Mar-05  03:52 pm
Archive through March 24, 2005stickman978 104 24-Mar-05  08:41 am
Archive through March 18, 2004blondpanic340 30 18-Mar-04  10:41 pm
Archive through 2003philby1188 131 03-Sep-03  02:40 pm

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