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Does Technical Analysis Really Work?

Chart Forum » Does Technical Analysis Really Work?

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Welcome to Does Technical Analysis Really Work? You may enter any of the discussions below by clicking on the appropriate link. Or, to start a new discussion of your own, click on the Start New Thread button.

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I am back too! My favourite search criteriashadetreetrader26-Apr-15  10:01 pm
I am backeric126-Apr-14  06:01 pm
It`s a kind of MAGIC=GAMBLING !stoian50 25-Sep-12  06:04 am
Proof that charts don`t work????2ndsniper44 19-May-11  03:00 pm
Well, does TA really work?furpo02-May-10  10:09 pm
Passive v. Active Selectionresillent117 31-Mar-10  11:11 am
Does TA really work ?dravo26 24-Aug-09  03:54 pm
Elliott waves are fake waves, Fourier waves are true waves!stoian28-Jun-09  11:06 am
The Boxcar Effectbeenjammin18-Feb-09  02:34 pm
Trading Books for Saleredrover24-Jan-09  01:55 pm
Why does Technical Analysis work?y3k32 17-Jan-08  04:32 pm
IT WORKS!maxboost25-Jun-07  12:10 am
OBV as a signal.colin_twiggs11 12-Jun-07  02:00 pm
Day Trippers ... its time to give updes203-Jun-07  02:42 pm
FA -veslylo25-May-07  06:56 pm
Ae there Market makers and does TA show them at work ?ohkoolnutz19 13-Mar-07  10:25 pm
How to start in the stock market?sentinel04-Feb-07  07:51 am
What part of Everything do you not understand ?hershy23-Dec-06  01:10 pm
Fundamental analysis wantedperler5915 10-Dec-06  07:36 pm
% of winsdjb28 14-Nov-06  08:13 am
The best way to see it TA beats or is Equal too FAjulles20-Sep-06  11:42 pm
TA for this chartsmallworld08-Sep-06  04:50 pm
Question from a Newbienightstalker20-Aug-06  08:01 am
Grandfather of TAbrandontalley26-Jul-06  10:46 am
Rising Stocks in a Falling Marketcanam12 23-May-06  12:43 pm
Do stock prices really trend?morton35 12-Mar-06  12:13 pm
TLS - who saw it coming?julles20 26-Nov-05  10:53 pm
Useful Fundamental Analysis Linksdug30-Aug-05  06:47 pm
It depends on how you look at things......ann13-Aug-05  07:34 pm
Does any analysis really work ...???shelton10 11-Aug-05  07:36 pm
Ill prove TA worksshelton10-Aug-05  12:53 pm
Opinions on BASICSholycow21 03-Aug-05  09:38 am
Insider Trading Doesnt Work!!!captain_chaza05-Jul-05  06:52 pm
TA research david_louisson01-Jul-05  07:10 am
Market analysis - Report from one of the GURUsdavid_louisson26-Jun-05  09:18 am
The Freemasonry, the world markets and the TAoldwombat17 31-May-05  09:34 pm
Proof that Charts Dont Work ???00780 28-May-05  10:35 am
The Hilarius Inheritancejulles10 23-May-05  11:31 pm
Sea-Cadet Mosaics Approach Exposedmsparks26-Apr-05  09:46 pm
Chartered Mrket Technicianyoshimura15-Mar-05  10:27 am
What is happening here?perler5906-Mar-05  10:27 pm
Analyse That!iwillwin10 16-Feb-05  03:21 pm
Technical Analysis Coursechart_rider10-Feb-05  02:03 pm
Adjusting for new capital-issues.julles23 31-Jan-05  10:48 pm
The Efficient Market Theorymick_lucas24-Dec-04  10:48 pm
Fundamental Analysisnoelle11-Oct-04  03:23 am
Does TA Really Work Around Announcement Time?maligas03-Sep-04  04:27 pm
Hey Joe! What do you know about something called the jross25-May-04  11:29 pm
What are the analysts recommending? sweet19-Apr-04  05:19 pm
Seasonal analysisjross24-Mar-04  03:17 am
Predictive value of TAfox_terrier24-Feb-04  11:07 am
Scientific Studiesgohard48 16-Feb-04  09:52 am
Come out and fight!i_claudius27 14-Feb-04  09:48 pm
The Search for the Holy Grail Continuestony_m11 03-Feb-04  08:52 am
Looking to increase funds!gohard01-Feb-04  02:09 pm
Stock picking in 10 minutestony_m11-Jan-04  07:53 am
Blind Freddy Trendshailoh28 08-Jan-04  10:48 pm
SPI Historybattman6408-Jan-04  05:54 pm
Definition of Technical Analysisi_claudius06-Jan-04  07:11 am
Support and resistance in forex marketsstevo02-Jan-04  06:15 pm
Limitations of TAdebono02-Jan-04  04:01 pm
Of Course Charts Workdydavo43 31-Dec-03  12:52 pm
Backtesting worksstevo28-Dec-03  05:46 pm
If TA is so easy ...........................wambam40 26-Dec-03  02:33 pm
Does Dow Theory really work?colin_twiggs24-Dec-03  01:28 pm
Shortcut to the Holy Graili_claudius07-Dec-03  01:34 pm
Go back to charting? You must be kidding!rocky222 14-Oct-03  08:14 pm

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