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Trade Trends with Bollonger Bands and Twiggs Money Flow

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Time periods in days...spdfgh31-Mar-12  09:59 pm
IncredibleCharts ipad app00724-Mar-12  03:51 pm
FUNDAMENTALS00724-Mar-12  01:33 pm
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Zoom in Zoom out...spdfgh02-Mar-12  10:47 am
Simple scripting UI....spdfgh15 29-Feb-12  11:47 am
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Auto-extend on Fibonacci Retracements and Extensionsmartynz20-Feb-12  05:45 pm
Set Image Size675 x 450...Default?gdd314-Feb-12  12:33 pm
Andrews Pitchforkscolin_twiggs14-Feb-12  09:33 am
Watchlists...colin_twiggs17-Jan-12  09:46 am
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MACD supplementbrigandchief24-Jan-10  09:06 am
Canadian Exchange Databrigandchief24-Jan-10  08:53 am
Indicators on Equivolume Chartcolin_twiggs19-Jan-10  11:58 am
Schaff Trend Cycle Indicatorcolin_twiggs19-Jan-10  11:30 am
TWIGGS MOMENTUM OSCILLATORbanco15-Jan-10  07:39 pm
Manual Y-axis scalingbalto09-Jan-10  07:46 am
End time of charts and scansbalto09-Jan-10  07:26 am
Optional Updatescolin_twiggs01-Jan-10  05:27 am
Trading Diary discussion threadbib23-Dec-09  06:54 am
Darvas Scancolin_twiggs17-Dec-09  03:29 pm
Timeperiodpnidras11-Dec-09  07:06 pm
Bug Maybe?colin_twiggs28-Nov-09  06:34 am
Crude Oil chartsarchangel25-Nov-09  04:41 pm
Text box / caption boxrastus8122-Nov-09  11:16 am
Circles & arrowsrdumas11-Nov-09  07:45 am
Email with Mail Program...spdfgh07-Nov-09  10:07 am
Enter Security Code box ready to type incolin_twiggs04-Nov-09  01:57 pm
Trailing indicatorscolin_twiggs28-Oct-09  10:51 am
Gann Anglescolin_twiggs28-Oct-09  10:48 am
Chaikin indicatorcolin_twiggs22-Oct-09  12:17 pm
JSE Stock Exchange colin_twiggs29-Sep-09  08:41 am
Training Modecolin_twiggs09-Sep-09  09:33 am
Cyclical Channel Analysisgizzard09-Sep-09  09:28 am
5% Noise rangecolin_twiggs24-Aug-09  10:08 am
Twiggs Money Flow Scancolin_twiggs22-Aug-09  01:50 pm
Change Timeframe scroll down into buttonscolin_twiggs16-Jun-09  07:23 am
LSE Update Timequitebored01-Jun-09  12:42 am
Liquiditygrenell12-May-09  06:16 pm
Chart Window informationvisions08-May-09  09:37 am
Box Drawing bobdownpower07-May-09  09:49 pm
IC Time Stampcolin_twiggs07-May-09  10:04 am
Forum Tree Search Mechanicsdug01-May-09  09:55 am
WEEKLY chart screenercolin_twiggs20 27-Apr-09  07:19 pm
Set end date for all charts being displayed?captain_chaza10-Apr-09  07:49 pm
Time Delayqed36 05-Apr-09  04:51 pm
Quarterly chartscolin_twiggs03-Apr-09  08:50 am
TRAILING STOPLOSScolin_twiggs02-Apr-09  11:56 am
Percentage of price highcolin_twiggs27-Mar-09  12:19 pm
Gold pricecaptain_chaza23-Mar-09  06:06 pm
MOST Desired Indicator!colin_twiggs18-Mar-09  10:28 am
Extract History as CSVcolin_twiggs17-Mar-09  05:11 am
Other Stochastic Indicators...spdfgh24 16-Mar-09  05:15 pm
ATRcaptain_chaza11-Mar-09  03:30 pm
Relative Strength Comparison to ASX All Ordinaries..colin_twiggs11-Mar-09  11:02 am
Import Watch Listrod4720 27-Feb-09  04:05 pm
Forward/Backwardrod4720-Feb-09  03:32 pm
Parallel Linesrod4729-Jan-09  03:35 pm
Intraday Chartingcolin_twiggs14-Dec-08  04:14 pm
Stay in Log Modecolin_twiggs07-Dec-08  12:18 pm
Dots for Close Values on Close Chartcolin_twiggs03-Dec-08  04:31 pm
Keyboard Shortcutsvisions18 24-Nov-08  02:15 pm
Stock Screens: % of Price Highmarksman09-Oct-08  10:19 am
Short Stock Screeninggdd316-Sep-08  12:59 pm
Open Sourcecolin_twiggs13-Aug-08  09:32 am
Fibonacci Fanscolin_twiggs15-Jul-08  04:16 pm
Verticle lines drawing optioncolster15-Jul-08  09:13 am
Volume spikes that cause problems, eg MGXcolster15-Jul-08  09:13 am
OZ Mineralssway03-Jul-08  10:21 am
Long Term Wishesgdd315 21-Apr-08  01:06 pm
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P&F 45` trend linesnihonjin16-Jan-08  10:50 am
Trailing stop lossgrenell12-Jan-08  10:13 pm
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Date ranges both Calendar and Trading Barsuserxx04-Dec-07  07:20 am
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Stocks from european countriesjohjoh05-Nov-07  04:25 pm
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Wikipedianihonjin15-Sep-07  09:45 am
R.O.A.Rsurferdude14-Sep-07  07:23 am
Moving Average - Opensurferdude14-Sep-07  07:23 am
Equivolumenihonjin11-Sep-07  04:33 pm
Log Onrrain09-Sep-07  07:52 pm
Stock Screen Option: Average Daily Trading Capitalizationohkoolnutz12-Aug-07  07:44 pm
Adding several stocks togetherhiphop11-Aug-07  05:35 am
Daily Price Variationscolin_twiggs07-Aug-07  10:56 am
Is there a number of trades a day vs traded volume ratio?tbreak31-Jul-07  11:48 pm
Overlap mineral index ie gold or zinc over a securitycolin_twiggs31-Jul-07  03:32 pm
Personalised indicatorsprislys38 26-Jul-07  11:12 am
Stock Screeningrrain25-Jul-07  01:42 pm
Advance Decline Indicator...colin_twiggs15-Jun-07  08:47 am
When will live charts be available...00713 13-Jun-07  08:05 pm
Pitchforks - every devil needs his/her fork00713-Jun-07  01:40 pm
Monday morning quarterbackscolin_twiggs11-Jun-07  11:25 am
Stock Screening Settingsphilr13-Apr-07  03:14 pm
Revamp Watch List creation processsharon06-Apr-07  03:45 am
Candles = markers identifying patternsmhubert05-Apr-07  01:17 pm
Watch List Sorting should be by code not by nameleont13-Mar-07  08:58 pm
Middle Mouse Button scrollcolin_twiggs05-Mar-07  01:41 pm
Project Default: -- add scroll period locksharon19-Feb-07  10:40 am
Auto Fit 45 degree Tline for Pn Fsharon19-Feb-07  10:34 am
Parabolic Curvessharon19-Feb-07  10:22 am
Chart price percent calibration of Y axissharon19-Feb-07  10:05 am
Vienna Stock Exchangecolin_twiggs18 01-Feb-07  07:25 am
Basic FA Formulas/Ratiossusieq14 30-Jan-07  08:54 am
Auto-Fit Trendlinecolin_twiggs26-Jan-07  10:19 pm
Heikin-Ashiohkoolnutz25-Jan-07  09:42 pm
VWAP VWAP VWAPhilarius23-Jan-07  07:29 pm
Toggle keep drawing trend lines...spdfgh09-Jan-07  09:28 pm
Duplicate Trend Line...jsandso09-Jan-07  08:55 pm
Toolbars taking double space...colin_twiggs09-Jan-07  05:41 pm
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Archive through August 19, 2006ohkoolnutz326 101 19-Aug-06  11:07 am
Archive through January 02, 2005create721 159 02-Jan-05  08:44 am
Archive through 17 November, 2003robin112 25 13-Nov-03  02:28 pm
Archive through 17 July, 2003colin_twiggs82 25 15-Jul-03  05:09 pm
Archive through 12 February, 2003esquire91 26 05-Feb-03  02:26 pm
Archive through 20 December, 2002rollo91 25 20-Dec-02  03:58 pm
Archive through 14 October, 2002fundi72 25 14-Oct-02  08:33 pm
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Username: zmonster

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Sunday, March 03, 2013 - 01:29 am:Edit Post Delete Post Print Post    View Post/Check IP (Moderator/Admin only) Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only) Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Hi Colin - some suggestions for your consideration.

a) ability to duplicate/copy trend line. This is particular useful when drawing channel lines.

b) ability to expand the Y-axis. More often then not, the
scale is too narrow thus making the chart too "flat" to read.

c) can we include text (not caption) in the chart? Sometimes I think we may want to write simple note/numbers.

d) can the stock screening include delay (say 30mins) data
rather than EOD? At least we don't have to wait till EOD to screen counters for trading.

Many thanks

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