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CLV-Clover Corp

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Username: jaded

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Registered: 03-2010

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Sunday, September 26, 2010 - 03:47 pm:Copy highlighted text to 'New Message' boxEdit Post Delete Post Print Post    View Post/Check IP (Moderator/Admin only) Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only) Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Clover Corp is worthy of being used as an example in a text book on Fundamentals use in the Share Market.
You may have read the bit about Buy a Company turning around it's past and launching share price wise into Big Things?Basic Warren Buffett.

Peter Loh calls it the Fallen Angel Syndrome.True he uses it in the context of Blue Chips but I suspect that's because he uses Margin Call Money and thus excludes shares such as Clover from his Search for Fallen Angels.

Clover has recently 'written off' a Loss Making Division/part of their Enterprise.This has had an effect on Analysis by the likes of Lincoln Star Stock 'Deemer' much favoured by Ody and Rudy.
However one must investigate the actual circumstances about this "WriteOff" and it's effects on the Long Term Bottom Line of Clover.
Go do it yourself and get back to me for discussion of conclusions.

Chart Chat-

CLV is in Year High Blue Sky Land.In fact it is at 5Year High.
While some here will be concerned over those recent gaps [afternoon elizabeth],one should consider them perhaps as Continuations[not to be filled in retrace anytime soon] due to the Dumping of this Loss Making Division.

One needs to be aware of actually what Clover 'flogs'/it's business.I can't cut'n'paste such things and for Jehovah's Sake neither do I want to spoon feed you my Tip!!

Suffice to say it's a good even Righteous Product sold Globally and I think not to affected by Economic Factors ie it'll sell regardless of Deflation,Inflation,China going broke etc etc blah blah blah.
I say Clover is a Growth Stock just like you read about Warren Buffett[Wazza Buff] got into in his hey day and all those books talked about.

Now,after you've done your research on Clover,there's a little titbit picked up down d'BBQ [warm pig/Hot Copper] on CLV I will share.
Seems the USA Competitor is soon to lose their Patent Advantage allowing Clover in Big Time to the USA Market.

Pilgrims to Mammon,You who are self responsible for your Super Funds.See d'LIGHT!!
Clover Corp is a blindingly obvious GO!![imho]

Long Term Chart from CLV's Beginnings-

One of the interesting perspectives on this is that Clover commenced with 150 million Shares Issued and now 10 years later has only 165 mill Registered.

This means that Clover was Market Capitalised at 70cents at ~ $100 mil. Is now approx $57mil Market Cap and to regain a $100mil Market Cap has a Target Price of approx 60 cents.

You may not have been taught/heard of this use of Shares on Issue and Market Cap Target Fixing but it 'theorises' out like this-
If the Market previously "Priced" a Company as 'worthy' of a Market Capitalisation,why not such a 'Valuation" happen again?
Especially after a downgrading 'profit problem' has been solved/resolved?

Another Consideration is that Clover has NOT Diluted it's Share Base by issuing placements half yearly to the damned Sophisticated Sharks!!
That 15 million 'extra' issued appears to be Staff Options entirely.There are NO Director Sales found by me so far and,again this is text book Fundamental Tick for Competent Management Factor.

Oh yeah you better believe,pilgrims I got more on Clover.
Yeah it's Illiquid and you haven't been 'reassured' by the Industry on such a Micro,Low Turnover Share but that's because THEY[stockbrokers] can't make a Buck from promoting it!!

Anyhow I suggest one considers Accumulating now.Buy what you can parcels as they become available On Market and in your own cash flow terms.
I hold from 30c and am attempting to pyramid to under 40 cents Break Even.

" Hear what you Say...
But see what you Do!"

Sir Zelman Cowen c 1970.

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Username: jaded

Post Number: 354
Registered: 03-2010

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Friday, October 15, 2010 - 08:13 am:Copy highlighted text to 'New Message' boxEdit Post Delete Post Print Post    View Post/Check IP (Moderator/Admin only) Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only) Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Update-Consolidated and risen away from earlier gap so can assume such gap is a continuation caused by Market learning of CLV's improved situation [?]

Market Depth is improving,at least for today's Open.Earlier this month there was a roadblock/mini UBoat on 36cents ASK,this removed itself when hit.[ie Fake Ask in order to draw sellers to sell lower]

Yes this is a pretty illiquid share not suitable really for short term trading.IMHO it is suitable for DIY Super stake taking because it really has the potential to regain it's Market Cap Highs of a few years ago.

It's Fundamental Problems have been written off [see Clover News at your Broker]and this has downgraded Clover from it's Star Stock Lincoln Status[see Ody]
However there was Total WriteOff of this Asset and Clover could still Sell this Asset at a Loss,yes but Anything it sells it for?goes back onto the Bottom Line 'enhancing' this years figures or rather the year in which it's sold.

ie whereas this year's figures are dragged down to loss by the write off;Sale Year's Profits will include WindFall and probably generate a Substantial One Off Dividend
---->Significant Price Rise sustained in the Future [See New Hope Coal last year].

anyway,few here follow FA intricacies so go with CLV because it is at all time high over the last 5 years or so.This illustrates CLV is being re rated by the Market Positively.

happy trading

" Hear what you Say...
But see what you Do!"

Sir Zelman Cowen c 1970.

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