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Li Batteriesscarlettsmith69418 03-Jul-19  09:15 pm
SUEMACqed16-Jun-19  06:47 pm
U-Tubesshadetreetrader92 06-Dec-18  09:39 am
ASX Share Trading Gameshadetreetrader128 19-Nov-18  05:40 am
Computer & Keyboard Tipsshadetreetrader01-Sep-18  09:21 am
How to Import Watchlist Symbols?colin_twiggs11-Jul-18  04:31 pm
Kingsley Jones from APTA on YMYCqed08-Jul-17  12:27 pm
2016/05/11 - Wacky Wednesdaybenson11-May-16  10:39 am
Set up for Doji or Spinning top gap downfatcharlie04-Jan-16  11:57 am
Hi everyone, I am happy to join here.fighterbd7119-Aug-15  09:28 am
Need Help with The Incrediblechartsqed04-Jun-15  07:41 pm
HO HO HOcolin_twiggs21-Dec-12  06:33 pm
Solving The Health Care Conundrumironic19-Dec-12  09:53 pm
SPIDERS WEB 4.gdd3187 29-Nov-12  10:42 am
Irangdd325-Sep-12  11:30 am
What is Sarcasm?ingot5403-Jun-12  05:22 pm
Interesting business related Videoskesil21-May-12  03:03 pm
Lies regarding Genetically modified foods benefitsehmu21-Apr-12  12:40 am
Jaded - condolencespolpak18-Dec-11  11:15 am
50 day highcolin_twiggs23-Aug-11  09:24 pm
Traders Conference - we need your ideas pleaserbbrain23-Aug-11  10:48 am
Australian Residential Property Pricescolin_twiggs03-Aug-11  09:33 am
A Carbon Tax: Test your knowledgecolin_twiggs01-Aug-11  09:44 am
The Debt Limitcolin_twiggs30-Jul-11  07:34 am
Made In Chinacolin_twiggs69 23-Jul-11  05:32 am
The Incredible Charts Omenpolpak17-Jul-11  10:24 pm
Getting Rid of Special Interestscolin_twiggs08-Jul-11  09:14 am
Stars burning bright ingot5413-Jun-11  06:37 pm
The global war on drugs has failedcolin_twiggs04-Jun-11  06:30 pm
Sitting Is Killing Youcolin_twiggs12-May-11  01:47 pm
Anzac Dayken25-Apr-11  04:22 pm
The True Cost Of Income Taxcolin_twiggs19-Apr-11  07:33 am
Deceipt & Liespjf00018-Apr-11  11:32 am
The Death Of Multiculturalismcolin_twiggs15 06-Feb-11  08:48 pm
How to avoid buying bad businessestwuoti26-Jan-11  08:48 pm
The tragedy yet to come to Qld.hershy21-Jan-11  08:07 pm
WOW E-Tradekitr18-Dec-10  05:09 pm
Alcohol v. Heroincolin_twiggs02-Nov-10  09:12 am
Benoit Mandelbrot ... 1924 - 2010ingot5417-Oct-10  04:59 pm
When I gow up I wanna be like Nathan...........hershy16-Oct-10  03:18 pm
The Negative Effect of Mass Media on our Lifestylespider07-Oct-10  11:22 am
A New Political Divisioncolin_twiggs28-Sep-10  02:45 pm
Democracy in a Divided Countrycolin_twiggs23-Sep-10  07:26 am
Mamparra Of The Yearehmu11-Sep-10  10:04 am
Niall Fergusson on Julia Gillardcolin_twiggs09-Sep-10  02:43 pm
The Greater Threat: Things That Amuse Us Or Things We Fear?colin_twiggs24-Aug-10  09:37 am
Virus/Spam Warningcolin_twiggs30-Apr-10  12:02 pm
Taming the bankscolin_twiggs21-Apr-10  10:57 am
Improving Education Levelscolin_twiggs16-Apr-10  08:42 am
Did FDR end the Great Depression?ingot5414-Apr-10  03:00 am
Socialismbreaker_119-Mar-10  09:01 pm
IC Tech Supportcolin_twiggs18-Mar-10  09:55 am
UNASHAMED ADVERTISINGhershy08-Mar-10  06:48 pm
Take care......baggus27-Feb-10  05:44 pm
Date not updatedcolin_twiggs10-Feb-10  03:10 pm
Fundamental datadug01-Feb-10  10:34 am
PGI - Prosperity Group Internationaltechracer18-Jan-10  12:07 pm
Programmer wantedhershy09-Jan-10  09:41 am
Comsec At Market Order doesnt work?tony18-Dec-09  09:10 pm
Today Sunday October 4th 2009 DST started bonkers04-Oct-09  04:59 pm
Recomended Softwareforward18-Sep-09  05:49 am
Audio book of Elders Come into my Trading Roomsway16-Sep-09  09:57 pm
Performance Incentivescolin_twiggs10-Sep-09  07:59 pm
Survey Feedbackstampy35 31-Aug-09  08:48 am
Adjusted datahershy29-Aug-09  08:09 am
Will history repeat ?hershy01-Aug-09  07:27 am
Educationhershy27-Jun-09  07:21 am
ASX Westpac share trading competitiongdd309-Jun-09  12:14 pm
Stock Trades and the ATOcaptain_chaza29-May-09  04:58 pm
ASIC reviews policy on internet discussion sitesscarrie19-Mar-09  04:17 pm
Most reliable internet connection for on line trading in Oz?beenjammin05-Mar-09  11:48 pm
Bushfires colin_twiggs18-Feb-09  10:59 am
Share Market Games?beenjammin15-Feb-09  06:36 pm
Superclassohkoolnutz28-Jan-09  09:56 pm
ASX Shorting Bansohkoolnutz21 23-Jan-09  11:57 am
Home Traderelisabeth22-Jan-09  08:06 pm
Dangers of buying stock with 5 lettersdug04-Jan-09  12:49 pm
Communist Work-Related Humorlukematt02-Jan-09  02:51 am
Global warming/climate changemum01-Jan-09  07:43 am
Rogues gallerydeanrosario17 30-Oct-08  08:30 pm
Vote YES/NO for a Black USA President paddy23-Oct-08  09:45 am
IT----Help pleasecoyotte17-Oct-08  10:47 am
Current datacolin_twiggs30-Sep-08  01:49 pm
Perils of Coalpaddy22-Sep-08  05:23 am
The influence of weatherpaddy30 31-Aug-08  12:01 pm
Brokers - Suggestionsexile720-Aug-08  10:21 pm
Bundy has left the buildingdeanrosario18-Aug-08  10:52 am
Exciting new discoveriesdavkell11-Aug-08  05:21 pm
Broadband Satellite Connectioncolin_twiggs05-Aug-08  12:05 pm
Why havent I been shown the lightcoyotte133 03-Aug-08  07:19 pm
CFDsdavkell31-Jul-08  07:50 pm
Miners Life Has Many Perilspaddy27-Jul-08  01:07 am
Trading 101 mum06-Jul-08  10:45 am
Tax Querysupport05-Jul-08  10:13 am
DAYTRADERmum49 15-Jun-08  07:25 pm
The Peril of Comsecsir_lance23 29-May-08  01:38 pm
Jobs for economics and finance majors in Australiaohkoolnutz28-May-08  12:35 pm
Warren Buffett Quotesresillent116-May-08  02:10 pm
For Power Drinkersohkoolnutz04-May-08  09:22 am
Feds Get Visualpaddy15-Apr-08  12:01 pm
IncredibleMUSIC Top #1-#100pse41 02-Apr-08  12:18 pm
In God We Do Not Trustcaptain_chaza28-Mar-08  05:15 pm
The Sydney Public Transport Network Metro Railohkoolnutz25-Mar-08  06:58 am
Virusgohard25-Feb-08  06:03 pm
DSL Connectioncoyotte21-Feb-08  12:55 pm
Mr. Kevin Rudd - intelligent,.....philr30 15-Feb-08  08:01 pm
Oil and Iraq and Aboriginalandwanabe113-Feb-08  08:49 am
Bid / Takeover Playssir_lance02-Feb-08  12:41 pm
E-mailcoyotte30-Jan-08  07:12 am
House Lease Advice Neededchriso27-Jan-08  02:13 pm
How do you find the safest bank to park your cash? [:-]ohkoolnutz20-Jan-08  10:55 pm
Eagle Nickel and David Zohar - Warningingot5415-Jan-08  12:46 pm
Vale Dan Fogelbergsmallworld12-Jan-08  04:20 am
Understanding mining resultskrael17 10-Jan-08  08:04 pm
Cambodia holidayqed05-Jan-08  10:50 pm
Oil price per cupingot5412 31-Dec-07  10:59 pm
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.qed22-Dec-07  11:04 am
Notes on an Unhurried Journey - John A Taylorcoyotte21-Dec-07  09:49 pm
Looking for someone to comment on my pickssittingduck20-Dec-07  07:44 pm
enigvistaenigvista26 20-Dec-07  07:28 am
Trading Withdrawal Reluctantly!msparks11 17-Dec-07  08:56 pm
Trading under a companytbreak09-Dec-07  03:20 pm
AutoStitchohkoolnutz04-Dec-07  08:43 pm
Buying versus Renting!morton30-Nov-07  07:59 pm
Trading Books for Salebundy28-Nov-07  08:59 am
Vote Todaycoyotte27-Nov-07  09:43 pm
Email Problemsmsparks25-Nov-07  05:05 pm
Victory and Defeathilarius25-Nov-07  11:25 am
Market riggingmum23-Nov-07  03:39 pm
Brokers-who needs them?ohkoolnutz20-Nov-07  10:00 am
Warning - Iron Mountain Miningingot5412 17-Nov-07  08:24 pm
Shift Happensdug17-Nov-07  01:36 pm
Rigged share trading competitionpeter116-Nov-07  08:27 pm
On the punt ???redback13-Nov-07  11:07 pm
What can WE do about the Ferals?dug46 06-Nov-07  09:46 am
QLD Petition for Daylight Saving Trialcolin_twiggs05-Nov-07  10:24 am
Lady in the Waterhilarius05-Nov-07  06:15 am
Comparing securities on ICcolin_twiggs29-Oct-07  11:19 am
Spooky Swing philr28-Oct-07  03:12 pm
Lets Reticulate Australia ... [:-] davkell17-Oct-07  12:15 am
Managing Wealth Discussionstbreak16-Oct-07  01:15 am
Help needed - HP PSC 1315 all in onehershy10-Oct-07  09:17 pm
Organized Religionsittingduck92 01-Oct-07  06:00 pm
Aung San Suu Kyiingot5420 30-Sep-07  10:35 am
Water companiessittingduck26-Sep-07  10:24 pm
Deposit Insurance In Australiaohkoolnutz24-Sep-07  09:44 am
The Shrewd Manager ohkoolnutz24-Sep-07  08:28 am
Computer Problemsgohard21 15-Sep-07  12:55 pm
Burnoutdutchdanish15-Sep-07  12:52 pm
Does Capitalism Operate in a Moral Vacuum?lafee25 09-Sep-07  10:14 am
What is the Meaning of Life?hilarius13 04-Sep-07  07:27 am
laissez faire v. greedhilarius65 03-Sep-07  06:50 pm
Why is Internet Communication So Frustrating?ohkoolnutz03-Sep-07  10:17 am
Should Christian Principles be Proclaimed More Strongly?hilarius03-Sep-07  08:32 am
Magnets for paincat_lady15 27-Aug-07  06:09 pm
Evolution or God?david_louisson14 15-Aug-07  05:21 am
Iraq- Asian Cup Championwanabe102-Aug-07  06:07 pm
Suemacnightstalker20 21-Jul-07  08:33 am
Going ExDivmacca88813 26-Jun-07  12:32 pm
Downloading music for a m3p playerchart_rider24-Jun-07  09:15 am
The Golden Rulejimmyswell11 20-Jun-07  01:34 pm
Gadgets and Widgetsmaxboost05-Jun-07  01:46 pm
Web Tradeeric21-May-07  11:41 am
Goodbye Tony Blairmacca88812-May-07  09:21 am
Do not calldavkell06-May-07  11:21 pm
TAL - Entitlement Rights Issue Shares Not Allotedpeterloh30-Apr-07  11:15 pm
Market depthphilr11 25-Apr-07  09:33 pm
Orc Onlinecurtains17-Apr-07  10:14 pm
Comsec - Aegis Researchphilr23-Mar-07  09:15 am
A taxing question....mirage20 27-Feb-07  11:04 am
Gong Xi Fa Caihailoh13-Feb-07  05:16 pm
Trading CFDs while working for a brokerdug13 06-Feb-07  05:29 pm
Incredible Charts in Linuxeclindholm03-Feb-07  12:37 pm
HOW TO DEAL WITH TELEMARKETERSmissmarples23-Jan-07  08:46 am
News? It didnt make the news!ingot5412-Jan-07  10:37 am
They made a Killing ...ingot5412-Jan-07  10:35 am
WHATEVER HAPPENED TO ............??????????qed11-Jan-07  10:32 pm
Off market transfermacca88801-Jan-07  05:17 pm
TAXATION of CALL and PUT OPTIONSmosaic199630-Dec-06  06:45 pm
MERRY CHRISTMAS!ingot5424-Dec-06  04:55 pm
A-TEC INDUSTRIES AGohkoolnutz23-Dec-06  03:43 pm
Richard Carlsonspider15-Dec-06  01:50 pm
INSPIRATIONqed09-Dec-06  05:29 pm
The Newsmacca88805-Dec-06  04:06 pm
How do stock prices react to pro rata issues?macca88803-Dec-06  09:14 pm
PSA blood test saved my lfe!hershy26-Nov-06  09:26 am
Happy days are here again ...??wanabe112-Nov-06  07:54 pm
Melbourne cup 2006yogiinoz07-Nov-06  05:38 am
Property prices Chartsmrbrown6631-Oct-06  08:40 pm
Stunning photographsmum28-Oct-06  04:16 pm
Save money - trade FREE davkell24-Oct-06  08:40 am
Save money - FREE phone callshershy22-Oct-06  10:16 am
Plane Sailingkev01-Oct-06  11:46 am
Intra-Day Chartsdavkell25-Sep-06  01:37 pm
Aussie Rob????spider24-Sep-06  10:47 pm
Monitorsnat21-Sep-06  09:05 am
CRSsoutharm200618-Sep-06  11:46 am
Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin has Died00704-Sep-06  03:11 pm
It was the Best of Times dug02-Sep-06  06:20 pm
Invasion of Stock Hackerslafee30-Aug-06  09:07 am
Uraniummum04-Aug-06  12:48 pm
Australia, History and The Futuregohard04-Aug-06  11:16 am
Dealing with Computer Headachesvermante15 03-Aug-06  05:25 pm
Taking a breakingot5410 31-Jul-06  06:49 pm
ASX tick changesgohard26-Jul-06  04:53 pm
Threat to publishing COT datacolin_twiggs25-Jul-06  07:50 pm
Time to heed the reality....smallworld56 24-Jul-06  11:51 am
Oz investment loan from japan?dollars17-Jul-06  10:36 am
Some thoughts on a world gone mad ...froggy324 16-Jul-06  12:37 pm
BOOKS for salemissy15-Jul-06  07:46 pm
Wir fahren nach Berlin ... well nearly!cjb04-Jul-06  09:17 am
Move to Brisbanefox_terrier20-Jun-06  11:01 pm
What web sites do you visit when youre not trading?mrbrown6616 17-Jun-06  09:48 pm
Anyone for High Blood Pressure?pasminco17-Jun-06  01:33 pm
Reality checkmosaic199611 11-Jun-06  08:03 pm
Australias current account deficitmaxboost07-Jun-06  09:11 am
LOWER STOPS hold your breath - How to survive a correctionpeterloh23 31-May-06  12:37 am
Is Arthritis Curable?pasminco28 29-May-06  12:43 am
What the heck happendrederob24-May-06  07:07 pm
But ... but ... its different this timedug10 22-May-06  01:53 pm
Trading journalsatitoca15-May-06  07:28 pm
Happy Mothers Dayjulles15-May-06  05:52 am
Shave For A Cureingot5425 13-May-06  09:33 pm
The Apostrophe Protection Societyzoso45 09-May-06  04:13 pm
Future fundtony_m06-May-06  08:19 am
Why dont people take more interest in politics?peterloh27-Apr-06  11:21 pm
Why is the photo ID card not compulsory and intrusive?ingot5427-Apr-06  10:51 am
Why are Australian values so hard to define?ingot5427-Apr-06  10:41 am
WHY on earth would I subscribe?fox_terrier26-Apr-06  06:17 pm
Firefox browser Mozilla - Any users?thommo7835 22-Apr-06  10:40 am
Dancin w/ the Stars- w/o my Jenniferwanabe119-Apr-06  07:42 am
Rights Issueselisabeth10-Apr-06  05:21 am
SHOW ME THE CHARThilarius09-Apr-06  01:12 pm
Oops they got it slightly wrongdeanrosario08-Apr-06  12:57 pm
Trader demographicselisabeth39 31-Mar-06  03:42 pm
Dial-Up Internet?snorter24-Mar-06  12:15 am
DRIP tradingdug19-Mar-06  08:40 pm
What makes a successful trader?mosaic199628 19-Mar-06  05:11 pm
Computer performance Maintenancejulles19-Mar-06  01:49 am
WHO DO THEY THINK THEY ARE?morton11-Mar-06  12:39 pm
Amusingsamnewman44 07-Mar-06  04:41 pm
Graphing in low liquidity market we need helpzorba07-Mar-06  10:42 am
Indexation??gohard03-Mar-06  10:35 am
Eclectic Languagecolin_twiggs27-Feb-06  02:35 pm
FW: VIRUS WARNING00721-Feb-06  06:13 pm
Upcoming earnings reports?satitoca15-Feb-06  07:49 am
Congratulations are in Orderstarboard_tack14-Feb-06  08:39 am
Parents should pay for crimes of minors.ingot5410 05-Feb-06  03:57 pm
Placement - AEX - what happened?elisabeth01-Feb-06  07:18 pm
MBA for willowfox_terrier29-Jan-06  09:14 am
Spider and Rederobingot5428-Jan-06  01:37 pm
Austrayans in Austraya!hilarius28-Jan-06  01:53 am
Accounting and Taxation Programhistrionix14 22-Jan-06  09:45 pm
Corporate Moralityann21-Jan-06  12:11 pm
The black dog..........ann20-Jan-06  01:31 pm
James Blunt ..... jeez hes good , A Man with emotionsjulles15 20-Jan-06  12:00 am
Just found this website and i thought it will be....alexxxx19-Jan-06  09:51 pm
a thousand marbleshilarius17-Jan-06  04:09 pm
How does everyone keep track of everything crowboy196013-Jan-06  11:20 pm
The Industrial Boom vs The Bird Flu Bustann13-Jan-06  05:37 pm
Leave spider alone.......... or else.spider13-Jan-06  03:32 pm
ASX - newbie questionsmallworld08-Jan-06  07:53 pm
Your Window is leadking...holycow07-Jan-06  09:11 am
ASIC - Laws for the rich ...ingot5410 05-Jan-06  02:38 pm
Contributor of the monthholycow17 05-Jan-06  10:22 am
Price of Success?!davkell04-Jan-06  12:45 pm
Ramping Lessons - the krisbarry schoolvbj111 30-Dec-05  12:25 pm
ONE Property TOO many !dug28-Dec-05  08:50 am
Governments control economyingot5426-Dec-05  12:19 pm
Seasons Greetingsyogiinoz11 25-Dec-05  12:34 am
Trading improvements 2005 - Plans for 2006tony_m24-Dec-05  09:05 am
Racism Surveyingot5421-Dec-05  01:13 am
Drugs and Families at Riskcolin_twiggs74 20-Dec-05  02:26 pm
Do some young men enjoy war?ingot5419-Dec-05  05:43 pm
Is Jail the Answer?hilarius19-Dec-05  06:21 am
Sydney 2005 - Has multiculturalism failed?robco27 19-Dec-05  05:54 am
Spellingingot5413-Dec-05  07:42 am
Is sovereignty absolute?bundy59 10-Dec-05  09:58 pm
Diplomatic Relationscolin_twiggs34 07-Dec-05  03:27 pm
Core Valueshilarius14 07-Dec-05  02:10 pm
Meaning of life found on death rowsmallworld02-Dec-05  09:09 pm
Why I dont like fundamental analysis !david_louisson02-Dec-05  05:24 am
Voluntary delisting from the Australian Stock Exchangehaggis01-Dec-05  07:42 pm
Accountant Recommendationsdug01-Dec-05  02:33 pm
Shares 10% cheaper using options!?morton28-Nov-05  11:09 am
Scalperjulles26-Nov-05  11:45 pm
Should TLS be fully privatised?mrbrown6677 20-Nov-05  02:54 pm
Any one got any Potatoes?msparks17-Nov-05  06:09 pm
SURVIVING A HEART ATTACK ....not a jokedug16-Nov-05  12:05 pm
HEART ATTACKvermante16-Nov-05  11:08 am
Palladium minersvbj14-Nov-05  06:57 pm
New way to produce energykate24 11-Nov-05  07:15 am
Daylight Savingscolin_twiggs31-Oct-05  12:10 pm
Blowing In The Windstoian27-Oct-05  03:06 am
... a storm, bigger than Katrina and Rita ... !~!julles22-Oct-05  11:27 pm
Hilariushilarius27 17-Oct-05  01:22 pm
Everything you want to know about trading on the ASXdeanrosario11 15-Oct-05  03:17 pm
$100 000 equity how would you make it grow?morton12-Oct-05  10:32 am
Volkerspeakhbeedee09-Oct-05  09:16 pm
CTF -Directors sellingkarragarra07-Oct-05  03:08 pm
The Holy Grailstoian11 05-Oct-05  09:29 pm
Petrol deriviatives - a future option moving forward?deanrosario30-Sep-05  02:38 am
Questions John Howard cant or wont answerdavkell15 28-Sep-05  09:31 pm
CFD Short trade, Company callapse robco13 25-Sep-05  09:27 pm
The best financial tradersandrewk21-Sep-05  03:40 am
More thoughts - on a world gone madingot5420-Sep-05  10:46 pm
Archive through September 19, 2005dj_stu956 103 19-Sep-05  11:55 pm
Archive through December 31, 2004vermante170 26 31-Dec-04  08:24 am
Archive through September 13, 2004deanrosario139 26 13-Sep-04  11:34 am
Archive through July 02, 2004justice113 26 02-Jul-04  11:20 pm
Archive through April 09, 2004hershy112 26 09-Apr-04  06:56 pm
Archive through February 03, 2004midge168 25 02-Feb-04  08:51 pm
Archive through 23 October, 2003deanrosario129 26 22-Oct-03  09:32 pm
Archive through 07 July, 2003patch97 25 27-Jun-03  06:22 am

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