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ASX100scarlettsmith69422-Jul-19  08:44 pm
Crypto Currencies & BlockChainspdfgh71 19-Jul-19  06:37 pm
Current State of the Markets commentary...bib33 21-Jun-19  06:45 pm
ASX Financials Indexscarlettsmith69420-Jun-19  02:15 pm
ASX best stock markets 2019scarlettsmith69412-Jun-19  03:27 pm
Estimates of Future Movement in DJIAstoian130 22-May-18  09:21 pm
Way of the $AORDdydavo12 03-May-18  11:43 am
Boll / Keltnercolin_twiggs22-Mar-17  11:12 am
Short Salesshadetreetrader27-Apr-16  02:39 pm
ASX Trading Calendarshadetreetrader13-Mar-16  10:37 am
DJIA and DJTAbillcu18-Aug-15  09:09 am
India BSESshadetreetrader21-Nov-14  07:42 am
Nasdaq Tech analysisespresso29-Mar-14  06:02 pm
SPX - S&P 500 - Direction?espresso16 29-Mar-14  04:41 pm
DJIA 1928/29 vs todays marketgdd315-Feb-14  12:30 pm
German DAXespresso28-Aug-13  08:17 pm
Yen powerespresso02-Jun-13  08:36 pm
Risk adjusted US dollarehmu31-May-13  01:39 am
These Leading Stocks Are Not Rallying inthemoneystocks06-Mar-13  05:30 am
Way of the $XJOingot54200 30-Jan-13  10:46 am
Has the big money machine been creating the cliff panic ??gamefisherman15-Dec-12  12:51 pm
Making some sense of the CHAOSstoian02-Oct-12  07:27 am
Price Manipulationstoian87 14-Sep-12  07:34 am
Technical analysis of the S&P 500 Indexgamefisherman493 10 25-Aug-12  05:37 pm
Spin Doctors, perception is reality, UUP vs $VIXstoian85 04-Aug-12  07:14 am
Relationship between XJO and S&P500 performance wisegamefisherman09-Jul-12  07:01 pm
Greek default---domino effectperler5917 25-Jun-12  09:27 pm
McClellan, July 2011ehmu11-Jun-12  09:52 am
XAO vs AUD contradictionehmu13-Apr-12  05:48 am
VTI_us even weighted index etfp3t304-Feb-12  01:36 pm
VIX Fear Index trendfibonacci30-Jan-12  09:37 pm
Dow Jones bearish divergenceehmu16-Nov-11  05:14 am
ASX Advance-Declinematross29-Oct-11  04:37 pm
Is anybody making moneyredrover24 09-Oct-11  07:46 am
Russel 2000, sucking slew waterehmu01-Sep-11  09:09 am
Where did I go wrong?jimdene5420-Aug-11  12:43 pm
Horse HOckeyehmu09-Aug-11  11:51 am
The Banks, boss, THE BANKS !!!!!ehmu22-Jul-11  04:27 am
US Leadership stocks taking a powder for the last yearehmu21-Jun-11  02:48 am
Chinacolin_twiggs26 20-Jun-11  09:43 am
Technical Health Check of the Martketsehmu17-Jun-11  09:49 am
Weekly projections - major world indicesgamefisherman22 14-Jun-11  09:14 pm
Markets set for a bounce ?ehmu12-Jun-11  02:44 pm
Quantitative Easing Explainedcolin_twiggs03-Jun-11  11:33 am
Meeting: St. Peter and the FEDehmu28-May-11  05:15 am
Applying Dow Theorycolin_twiggs14-May-11  07:57 am
The Presidential Cyclecolin_twiggs12-May-11  01:30 pm
Sailing Against the All Ordssumamura826 27 12-May-11  04:22 am
Weekly charts for sector performancertwwpad06-May-11  07:26 am
Federal Deficits & Debt Limitstimmddbellsouthnet17-Apr-11  09:06 am
Infrastructure Spendingcolin_twiggs12 21-Mar-11  04:47 pm
US treasury bonds & influence on US/Oz marketscolin_twiggs24-Feb-11  03:18 pm
US Institutional Trendehmu16-Jan-11  01:58 pm
$DJI vs $DOWIcolin_twiggs17-Dec-10  12:17 pm
Are we facing a similar recovery to Japan in the 1990s?ehmu10 13-Dec-10  11:07 am
Historical Perspectivehailoh15 22-Nov-10  07:03 am
Has Dow Theory Become a Contrary Indicator?hailoh18-Nov-10  08:47 am
Hidden Divergence on the Russellehmu03-Nov-10  05:55 am
The S-wordresillent141 02-Nov-10  10:17 am
Broad Mining and Metals index -Canadaehmu20-Oct-10  02:56 am
Which way the Dow?colin_twiggs10-Oct-10  06:44 am
Australian Federal Election 2010/11eric108-Sep-10  10:06 am
Debt to GDP Ratioscolin_twiggs21-May-10  09:42 am
Sovereign Debt Riskbib11 12-May-10  09:22 am
The Great Reflationbib10-May-10  03:13 pm
The Next Two Bubbles: Australia & UK Housing Marketscolin_twiggs26-Apr-10  06:28 pm
Threats to the Global Recoverycolin_twiggs23-Apr-10  05:36 am
Baltic Dry Index & Iron Ore Shipmentscolin_twiggs22-Apr-10  10:02 am
Wink wink, nod nod, touch the nosehailoh13 14-Mar-10  06:57 am
How is the stock price live updated?acandrei21-Jan-10  11:28 am
KISSharoldjames80827-Nov-09  09:00 am
All Ordinaries - Major Top ?stoian246 05-Oct-09  03:14 am
Passing the hat around time.justice96 11-Sep-09  10:14 pm
Paddys 2nd Daily Toastpaddy489 11 05-Sep-09  12:47 pm
Algorithmic Tradingresillent114 11-Aug-09  03:55 pm
Index Tradingcolin_twiggs07-Aug-09  08:58 am
All Ords & ASX 200 Volume, August 5thcolin_twiggs06-Aug-09  12:42 pm
ONE MINUTE TO MIDNIGHTcaptain_chaza15-Jul-09  10:35 pm
Seriously - a joke.sumamura28-Jun-09  04:56 am
New Highs - Good News Onlyjustice27-May-09  01:38 am
Anomaliesjustice27 26-May-09  02:07 am
Ten principles for a Black Swan-proof worldpolpak23-May-09  09:09 am
Trading Diarybib17-Apr-09  09:47 am
Way of the DOWjustice442 13 11-Apr-09  09:58 pm
How volume is counted?colin_twiggs11-Apr-09  08:31 am
ASX300 Advance - Decline Lineperler59186 01-Apr-09  07:22 pm
XJO yogiinoz26 08-Mar-09  11:33 pm
No Stimulus Unless Tax Cutscolin_twiggs10-Feb-09  09:32 am
Can I manually upload data?colin_twiggs06-Feb-09  02:59 pm
..... peak oil 2009 ..... [:-]captain_chaza13 11-Dec-08  07:46 pm
Grim TA for world markets?redrover09-Dec-08  03:13 pm
Where are the options traders ??morton06-Dec-08  03:50 pm
Is That A Stiff Pennant Flying In The Breeze?stoian20-Nov-08  08:09 pm
Wedgies Anyone?paddy10 20-Nov-08  09:50 am
That was then, this is nowwhiteowl19-Nov-08  01:47 pm
Technical Analysis of the Dow Jones Industrial Averagerdumas414 14 18-Nov-08  10:40 am
DOW Long Term Support from 1932shonegold17-Nov-08  06:38 pm
Dr Alexander Elders advice on ADX morton07-Nov-08  10:25 pm
Money Management Websiteeasymoney18 03-Nov-08  08:01 pm
How to factor in bonus and rights into chartscolin_twiggs03-Nov-08  10:59 am
AMEX Has Been Acquiredlukematt31-Oct-08  06:15 pm
Yield plays - is now the time?monojoker28-Oct-08  07:56 am
Market Rally charmist22-Oct-08  01:15 am
Stop loss levels in directional movementdavkell18-Oct-08  06:59 pm
Prague Stock Exchange--Rootslukematt13-Oct-08  02:50 pm
XAO - HOW MUCH FURTHER?perler591188 41 11-Oct-08  09:25 am
Crisis what crisisjustice28-Sep-08  07:23 am
XAO-Magnificent CupHandleuserxx52 21-Sep-08  06:32 am
Paddys Daily Toast paddy213 07-Sep-08  08:35 am
Inversion of bond yieldskate29 27-Aug-08  01:51 pm
Equity Risk Premiumrdumas20 25-Aug-08  12:17 pm
DOW EW countreverb12 28-Jul-08  08:58 pm
Coal & Consumable Fuelsexile717-Jul-08  05:15 pm
4 year cycle and kondratieff wave of Dowmum12-Jul-08  09:06 am
Adding Canadian Stocks soon?colin_twiggs28-Jun-08  04:24 pm
The Hindenburg Omen stock market crash warningstoian27-Jun-08  05:43 pm
RULE OF SEVENS - Will It Apply in 2007 ???kate60 13-Jun-08  03:59 pm
La Profezia! The last unbroken da Vinci`s Code stoian47 03-Jun-08  07:54 am
Index Barometertryhay05-Apr-08  02:37 pm
NYSE Member Weekly Buy/Sellbrand17-Mar-08  08:40 am
Stagflationphilr19 26-Feb-08  01:40 pm
Elder-Ray indicatorsinvestorvet08-Feb-08  12:39 pm
Lies, Damned Lies, and Government Statisticseasymoney25-Jan-08  07:07 pm
It seems like 1990 Revisted to me!captain_chaza16 25-Jan-08  04:34 pm
The Hindenburg Omen - New H&Lelisabeth17 21-Jan-08  05:30 pm
Looking into 2008 ... astrostuff update ... [:-]sittingduck16-Jan-08  08:55 pm
Sharing watchlistsvikashverma24-Dec-07  06:25 pm
XAO - Christmas cheer triviades214 19-Dec-07  09:53 am
Is Santa an institutional dealer??pse18-Dec-07  02:15 pm
Recession or BS?colin_twiggs24 15-Dec-07  12:08 pm
Shanghai Indexsumamura28 10-Sep-07  09:59 am
The stop loss lieqed24 06-Sep-07  08:00 pm
Question for lafeelafee04-Sep-07  04:26 pm
SFE calls a Trading HALT!deanrosario23 31-Aug-07  11:33 am
Background information on Sub prime/ credit crunch etcpolpak23 25-Aug-07  07:08 pm
NEWS FLASH - US FED CUTS RATES 0.5%ingot5418-Aug-07  01:57 am
Whos making $s off this volatility?davkell16-Aug-07  03:10 pm
Dow Theory - Secondary Correctionscolin_twiggs12-Jul-07  08:30 am
Tax implication of trading US stocks for an Aussiegregmorris28-Jun-07  08:22 pm
Watchlist with fundamental ratios / Market screenerzorang10-Jun-07  06:35 pm
Update list of ASX200 mahogany02-Jun-07  11:48 am
Shanghai A and B Chartshailoh16-May-07  08:11 pm
Eminismaxboost03-May-07  10:02 pm
Discussion: My trading experience for AVNRsmallworld28-Apr-07  09:30 am
ASX Stock Screen filter for the last dayrockon08-Apr-07  09:06 am
MBL TAKEOVER QANhilarius03-Apr-07  07:32 am
Link to M3 Figureskate29-Mar-07  09:14 am
ASX Sector and Sub Sector Constituentssam11127-Mar-07  06:39 pm
The impact of economic indicators on the XJO intradaydeanrosario91 15-Mar-07  08:56 am
Nice weekly chart. QQQQ and crude oil.billetee14-Mar-07  09:06 pm
Dont Panic !jimmyswell14-Mar-07  12:23 pm
Data is Everything!tony44 02-Mar-07  09:45 am
List of Market Capitalisation ... All ASX stockshilarius21 19-Feb-07  06:33 pm
Trading for a careerbigrednich08-Feb-07  04:20 pm
Historical daily chartsstogart26-Jan-07  12:29 am
What Price Russia?tony22-Jan-07  11:17 am
Money and monetary polcy for the 21st centuryrobbo22-Jan-07  10:11 am
2006-SP 500 and the 4 year cyclemrbrown66145 16-Jan-07  08:32 am
Pure Technical on Currencies or not?lafee15-Jan-07  01:35 pm
Profile for the Market of any listed title stoian29 10-Dec-06  08:28 am
Interest rate circle and bull/bear marketchriso08-Dec-06  06:32 pm
NLXpeterloh12 03-Dec-06  11:09 pm
Interactive Brokers for spiandyzed10-Nov-06  02:02 pm
XJO direction?andyzed55 09-Nov-06  03:08 pm
The Hunt for Red Octoberken02-Nov-06  12:59 pm
ASX Announcements Delayperler5924-Oct-06  07:49 pm
SPI 200 v AXJOdeanrosario29-Sep-06  05:05 pm
Equinox 2006 - Yogi?yogiinoz29-Sep-06  03:52 pm
XEJperler5926-Sep-06  06:30 pm
ANZ - where is it heading?mn113 22-Sep-06  12:06 pm
Two Markets Comparedohkoolnutz12-Sep-06  08:43 am
O What a Lovely Crash !!!kate33 31-Aug-06  03:50 pm
Newbies, what you shouldnt dodavkell30 10-Aug-06  01:10 am
Hedging and the Drongo Principlecaptain_chaza05-Aug-06  07:55 pm
ASX SECTORSdydavo01-Aug-06  08:56 pm
Kamikaze tradersnat28-Jul-06  12:18 pm
UK charting softwaresamnewman23-Jul-06  05:53 pm
Should I convert from Atheism to Judaism or christianityjimdene20-Jul-06  06:51 pm
Interest Ratesrobbo03-Jun-06  09:45 am
Well all be rooned said Hanrahankarragarra30-May-06  10:27 am
CFD Tradingingot5419-May-06  11:04 pm
May go away?julles13-May-06  11:23 pm
Video link to analysis USA markets, Gold etcmum11-May-06  08:32 pm
Where to find the chart for the oil refinery margin?revolta06-May-06  04:35 pm
EPE, APA and APN sudden reversals56gsa25-Apr-06  05:51 pm
UK equities outperform USmaison_319-Apr-06  01:46 am
Apr 14 Stuffjustice14-Apr-06  06:33 pm
XAO ... NR4 ... ???justice14 11-Apr-06  08:17 pm
The Future of Materials XMJ - Beware.hibikijoji09-Apr-06  06:39 pm
Market PEvermante13 08-Apr-06  11:09 am
Uranium Minerstony_m03-Apr-06  06:22 am
Golden Apple and Gasthommo7829-Mar-06  08:01 am
XAO 5000 - When?davkell22 26-Mar-06  11:18 pm
Is it time to batten down the hatches?satitoca17-Mar-06  11:04 am
Ex-div dateshappy_213-Mar-06  12:14 pm
Analysis of the S&P 500 Indexefficiency15-Feb-06  04:18 pm
XJO Cautionwillow19 15-Feb-06  12:23 am
How to exit in timejimdene31 12-Feb-06  11:49 am
Re: TRADING DIARY 11Feb06fibonacci11-Feb-06  08:19 pm
XMJfibonacci09-Feb-06  02:30 pm
People Need to Make Up Their Mindspeterloh69 09-Feb-06  06:28 am
Memoirs of a succourjimdene12 05-Feb-06  12:31 pm
Charting the AUDmirage27-Jan-06  11:37 am
Nikki 225 RocketShipricardon24-Jan-06  01:37 pm
VIXbrsinc24-Jan-06  08:33 am
Volatility index and the Marketsperler5921-Jan-06  10:57 am
RMDperler5910-Jan-06  09:00 am
Chart after distribution of EPShilarius09-Jan-06  10:40 am
Do we need volatile markets to trade?bbj_anchor07-Jan-06  05:07 pm
Yield Curve Inversionhailoh27-Dec-05  08:47 pm
Market Depththb13 17-Dec-05  01:06 pm
Nikkei 225 - Trending beautifullychriswillz05-Dec-05  03:16 pm
CMC AUSSIE200chriswillz71 05-Dec-05  02:26 pm
Auction Periodelisabeth04-Dec-05  05:13 pm
ASX Stock Screeningzorba03-Dec-05  09:54 pm
Dow Jones Transportation Averagecolin_twiggs16-Nov-05  05:25 pm
Historical Monthly OHLC for ASX stocksmr0114-Nov-05  03:29 pm
Translation requiredkate25 25-Oct-05  11:04 am
HURRICANE WILMA rederob23-Oct-05  06:01 pm
Resources 101elisabeth17-Oct-05  06:34 pm
Possible effects of Avian Flujoni16-Oct-05  01:10 pm
S&P 500 a super newbiebonkers16-Oct-05  07:16 am
ALL ORDINARIES XAO - STATISTICSvolvodriver12-Oct-05  05:29 pm
Stock Datarobin12-Oct-05  12:09 pm
Number of interest rate rises?runningbear12-Oct-05  11:06 am
Peterloh ... The Great Doji Has Arrivedstoian08-Oct-05  12:06 am
The US Federal Reserve and interest rateshilarius27 21-Sep-05  06:25 pm
Company announcementslongshanks17-Sep-05  12:05 pm
Market Profiles & Likelihood Modelsstoian15-Sep-05  04:31 pm
ASX50 - Whats going on this morning?moleman15-Sep-05  10:01 am
Overseas cfd tradingjimdene09-Sep-05  10:03 am
Market Profile Questionsstoian42 08-Sep-05  11:27 pm
Inflationvermante120 07-Sep-05  08:53 am
Corporate action: Cash Dispersion Corp Actionjimdene03-Sep-05  04:39 pm
Colins Trading Diary Discussiondydavo15 01-Sep-05  07:12 pm
Resource and Commodities-Technical Viewhilarius25 31-Aug-05  05:46 pm
Futures providersrockon25-Aug-05  09:32 pm
Forex help pleaseann18-Aug-05  02:31 pm
CWA - Commodity Warrants Australialongshanks18-Aug-05  01:04 pm
GLOBAL INDEXvermante07-Aug-05  01:23 pm
TOUCHE MR. TRICHET!colin_twiggs06-Aug-05  11:46 am
FREEzeus17-Jul-05  11:29 pm
7 July 2005deanrosario08-Jul-05  11:47 am
Hmmmm How close to the top?tony_m92 03-Jul-05  10:56 pm
XAOBe ready , be prepared to Shortwillow01-Jul-05  05:18 pm
Twiggs money flow 21 daygreenfingers12325-Jun-05  10:43 pm
ABDE soaring - Valuation pegged at $3.15 - trading at $0.40rederob15-Jun-05  07:46 pm
XAO- HAS IT REVERSED?msparks73 27-May-05  05:12 pm
Calling all Trend Traders - Is XAO still trending?tony_m26-May-05  07:46 am
Foreign Purchases of US Treasuriesgoldbug17-May-05  10:49 am
XAO - An Interesting Chartjustice96 14-May-05  09:23 pm
When is spring again?smallworld13-May-05  11:50 pm
Bond vs Equity Yieldsholycow13-May-05  09:44 am
Relative Strength Index - Time Framescolin_twiggs12-May-05  07:20 pm
S&P GICS changes affecting ASX200 & ASX300deanrosario27-Apr-05  09:24 am
Swing Charting Softwaremr0126-Apr-05  01:04 pm
Bear Market Tacticsperler5917-Apr-05  09:52 am
FTSE Datamr0113-Apr-05  12:50 pm
Are markets efficient?deanrosario20 05-Apr-05  09:36 am
Historical Data for CMCmr0121-Mar-05  07:59 am
THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW rederob26-Feb-05  07:04 pm
Mergers and Acquisitionsmuzza14 05-Feb-05  05:50 pm
Analysis of US indicesgreenspansgout29-Jan-05  07:04 pm
Global Issues archer26-Jan-05  05:58 pm
Comments on trading diarymsparks23-Jan-05  09:08 am
Dads Poemfox_terrier14-Jan-05  09:58 am
When the Music Stops - What Next?iwillwin20-Nov-04  12:38 pm
Anyone know CFD Traders / Paul Nojic?rederob06-Nov-04  12:56 pm
Is the XAO about to go parabolic?????macka04-Nov-04  06:31 pm
DAX Trading bindaz16 29-Oct-04  11:13 am
XAO - significance of huge volume 15/10/04colin_twiggs20-Oct-04  03:00 pm
Market Commentarysmallworld19-Oct-04  09:17 pm
Last nights DOW movementdaz26 19-Oct-04  09:25 am
NYSE Bullish Percent not servicedcolin_twiggs09-Oct-04  10:24 pm
An Optimist Speaks rederob30-Sep-04  08:03 am
Currency Trading / CMChappy6929-Sep-04  02:51 pm
DJIA Turning around????perler5919-Aug-04  08:30 am
GICS Industry Groupsindos29-Jul-04  08:54 am
NASDAQ Compositegiovanni10 26-Jul-04  03:22 pm
Range Trade - EPTquinent20-Jul-04  10:32 pm
GMMA Dilemmatony_m20-Jul-04  11:51 am
CMC US Sector Indices codes pleasejohnboy18-Jul-04  10:28 pm
Shorting QQQmorken116-Jul-04  05:27 pm
Ausie market misbehaving?perler5910-Jul-04  12:02 pm
LOK looking smartjasgazste07-Jul-04  12:57 am
XJO Round Topjustice03-Jul-04  01:26 am
How does the future look fundy28-Jun-04  05:31 pm
Metastock querytigger6421-Jun-04  05:00 pm
Has Colin got a bias?hilarius11 01-Jun-04  10:46 pm
Simply Put - Sideways bound.justice29-May-04  07:33 pm
DOW - DMI ve cross, is it time to load up?susieq29-May-04  04:05 pm
XJO 3rd bite at 3468stoploss28-May-04  03:21 pm
War then and now - XAO similaritiessabretoothed26-May-04  09:30 am
Advance/Decline line - some info and some questionselisabeth14 11-May-04  06:22 pm
Deja Vu and The Current Marketrederob23-Apr-04  07:43 am
Cyclical behavior robsrubbish18-Apr-04  01:45 am
The USA myth ???hilarius12 16-Apr-04  10:20 am
XAO looking lonelystoploss15 06-Apr-04  07:50 pm
SA digs up $15m to chase paydirtpennyoz03-Apr-04  11:02 pm
Insider info.... readmoscowkid200422-Mar-04  01:12 am
Onesteelbig_bruce18-Mar-04  11:15 pm
XAO and Blind Freddymosaic199638 13-Mar-04  10:37 am
DJIAAperler5910-Mar-04  06:00 pm
ASX200trendy44 03-Mar-04  08:43 pm
Speculations Soros back to USD & general mkt?colin_twiggs28-Feb-04  05:15 pm
COMPorlando25-Feb-04  07:23 pm
Deflation and All Thatcolin_twiggs46 23-Feb-04  11:13 am
XAO - Higher highsnew2waix18-Feb-04  01:15 pm
Trading Diary 20th Jan - S&P 500 ?colin_twiggs23-Jan-04  11:43 am
RESSOURCES PRICES gstring_flosser23-Jan-04  01:00 am
XAO After Closing Ask Prices perler5920-Jan-04  09:57 pm
US INDICESmyrddin09-Jan-04  08:42 am
XAO - Head & Shoulders Patterncolin_twiggs34 08-Jan-04  10:01 am
NASDAQ 100 via NQZ3ducati99810-Dec-03  01:55 pm
Xmas Tradingspider07-Dec-03  01:31 pm
DJIAAzero131 02-Dec-03  07:43 am
All Ordinaries - Time to short?chance20 15-Nov-03  01:19 pm
Archive through November 10, 2003justice183 25 28-Oct-03  08:46 pm
Archive through 07 February, 2003megagem142 25 05-Feb-03  11:04 am

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