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Stocks - ASX: short term (strictly TA)

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CHN Weiny chartscarlettsmith69411-Jul-19  08:50 pm
BGS - interest building up with its shallow discoverydydavo235 11-Jul-19  12:10 pm
NMT - already paying dividendsscarlettsmith69424-May-19  07:15 pm
BEAR - ETFgundy25-Nov-18  08:44 am
SAR - Saracen Mineral Holdingsshadetreetrader11-Nov-18  12:50 pm
STO - Santosshadetreetrader24-Oct-18  09:29 am
PVSspdfgh20-Oct-18  09:43 am
PGM weekly chartspdfgh33 19-Oct-18  09:44 pm
EVN - Evolution Miningshadetreetrader19-Oct-18  07:01 pm
BMN - Bannerman Resources BMNspdfgh18 15-Aug-18  09:52 pm
King River Copper KRCspdfgh14-Aug-18  10:36 pm
MYX_MAYNE PHARMA GROUP LIMITEDtrebles29-Jul-18  07:32 pm
DRM my Weinstein chartpeterloh27-Jul-18  10:04 am
MEP_MINOTAUR EXPLORATION LTDtryhay21-Jul-18  07:52 pm
PHK Phoslock Water Solutions PHKspdfgh21-Jul-18  12:42 pm
PPS Praemium Limitedspdfgh18-Jul-18  08:25 pm
DMI - Dempsey Minerals spdfgh10-Jul-18  10:58 pm
BD1_BARD1 LIFE SCIENCES LIMITEDtryhay23-Jun-18  06:49 pm
SES -spdfgh22-Jun-18  06:58 pm
COE.AXdydavo15-Jun-18  09:21 am
NUH Nuheara Limitedtryhay11 14-Jun-18  09:30 pm
ORE.AX spdfgh13-Jun-18  10:57 pm
MGX - Mount Gibson Iron MGXspdfgh07-Jun-18  08:14 pm
MYL_MYANMAR METALS LIMITEDtryhay03-Jun-18  12:11 pm
AMI - Aurelia Metals Limited AMIspdfgh02-Jun-18  04:41 pm
BDA - Bod Australia BDAspdfgh02-Jun-18  03:17 pm
PNV - Polynovo Limited PNVspdfgh02-Jun-18  03:14 pm
BOT - Botanix Pharma Limited BOTspdfgh30-May-18  02:34 pm
RAP my Weinstein chartspdfgh28-May-18  02:35 pm
TRY_TROY RESOURCES LIMITEDtryhay22-May-18  12:29 pm
ADV - Breakoutpeterloh21-May-18  06:36 pm
DRM_DORAY MINERALS LIMITEDtryhay19 20-May-18  08:26 pm
UNV - Universal Coal Plctryhay19-May-18  05:07 pm
NXT.AXdydavo18-May-18  12:53 pm
PGM_Platina Resources Limitedspdfgh13 16-May-18  10:32 pm
PAK coal opportunities in the US and Canadadydavo22 16-May-18  02:31 pm
MCR - Mincor Resources NL MCRspdfgh14-May-18  10:10 pm
FBR_FASTBRICK ROBOTICS LTDspdfgh14-May-18  08:28 pm
TRY Troy Resources Limited TRYspdfgh14-May-18  06:35 pm
CDT_CASTLE MINERALS LIMITEDtryhay10-May-18  04:43 pm
FMS Flinders Mines Limited FMSspdfgh08-May-18  10:15 pm
CVN Carnarvon Petroleumspdfgh08-May-18  02:09 pm
AGR_AGUIA RESOURCES LIMITEDtryhay14 23-Apr-18  08:05 pm
LRS_LATIN RESOURCES LIMITEDtryhay13 23-Apr-18  05:42 pm
Aus Tin Mining ANWspdfgh22-Apr-18  09:35 am
AVL_Australian Vanadium Limitedspdfgh19-Apr-18  03:12 pm
MED_MERLIN DIAMONDS LIMITEDtryhay17-Apr-18  07:00 pm
DEG De Grey Miningtryhay17-Apr-18  06:22 pm
OGX Orinico Gold Ltdspdfgh15-Apr-18  05:11 pm
Respiri Limited RSHspdfgh15-Apr-18  03:07 pm
MLS_ METALS AUSTRALIA LTDtryhay15-Apr-18  12:10 pm
PNR Pantoro Limited shadetreetrader14-Apr-18  12:57 pm
PXS Pharmaxis Limitedspdfgh14-Apr-18  02:33 am
WWI West Wits Mining Limitedspdfgh14-Apr-18  02:20 am
CAA Capralspdfgh12-Apr-18  08:59 pm
CVT_COVATA LIMITEDtryhay12-Apr-18  12:27 pm
AZM_AZUMAH RESOURCES LIMtryhay12-Apr-18  08:09 am
HLX HELIX Resourcestryhay11-Apr-18  08:01 pm
DKM Duketon Miningspdfgh11-Apr-18  12:07 am
HXGspdfgh08-Apr-18  10:15 pm
Riva Resources Limited RIRspdfgh02-Apr-18  02:20 pm
S&P/ASX 200 VIX INDEX XVI...spdfgh27-Mar-18  08:45 pm
CCV Cash Convertersspdfgh27-Mar-18  07:16 pm
POZ POZ Minerals Limitedspdfgh27-Mar-18  07:01 pm
AHF Aus Dairy Farms Stapled Securities FPspdfgh27-Mar-18  05:41 pm
Aust Whisky Holdings AWYtryhay22-Mar-18  09:12 pm
AYR_ALLOY RESOURCES LIMITEDtryhay20-Mar-18  01:35 pm
Blackham Resources BLKspdfgh15-Mar-18  08:48 pm
PMY_PACIFICO MINERALS LItryhay15-Mar-18  08:00 pm
DIGITALX $DCCdydavo11-Mar-18  02:26 pm
Empire Energy Limited EEGshadetreetrader11-Mar-18  10:20 am
4DS Memory Limited 4DSspdfgh10-Mar-18  07:55 pm
RED 5 Limited REDspdfgh10-Mar-18  07:07 pm
AZS_Azure Minerals Limitedtryhay07-Mar-18  09:15 pm
VIC Victory Mines....spdfgh01-Mar-18  10:49 am
PNX_PNX METALS LIMITEDtryhay24-Feb-18  07:10 pm
OMHspdfgh24-Feb-18  03:24 pm
CZN - another cobalt prospectfisminex17 22-Jan-18  11:26 am
PM1 Reblended and into manganesepeterloh18-Jan-18  03:44 pm
MGL_MAGONTEC LIMITEDtryhay15-Jan-18  07:51 pm
5G networks [5GN]dydavo12-Jan-18  12:30 pm
4DS MEMORY LTD [$4DS]dydavo12-Jan-18  11:55 am
BDA BOD Australia Ltddydavo11-Jan-18  03:13 pm
4CE Force Commoditiesdydavo11-Jan-18  03:05 pm
BEN - Bendigo Bankhershy09-Jan-18  05:23 pm
CXO - now into lithiumpeterloh15 09-Jan-18  02:46 pm
POS return is dependent on nickel prices peterloh21-Dec-17  11:31 am
CZL_CONSOLIDATED ZINC LIMITEDmsparks20-Dec-17  08:10 pm
PGM TAZ set upmsparks20-Dec-17  08:05 pm
ESR_ESTRELLA RESOURCEStryhay05-Nov-17  09:09 pm
GXY - Galaxy Resourcespeterloh96 20-Oct-17  03:17 am
ERL -- from explorer to producer?peterloh25 14-Oct-17  09:17 pm
EXU new goldyfisminex24-Jul-17  12:26 am
Ahzqed08-Jul-17  01:11 pm
ELD.AXdydavo05-Jul-17  03:29 pm
RVR peterloh17 25-Jun-17  11:57 am
Weinstein stage 2 breakout sleeperragchewer18-Jun-17  10:31 pm
Trading for a livingdydavo27 02-Jun-17  10:10 am
ALQ.AXdydavo01-Jun-17  10:30 pm
NSTshadetreetrader30-May-17  02:37 pm
DMP.AXdydavo27-May-17  03:21 pm
AGL dydavo27-May-17  08:31 am
BOQ- Bank Of Queenslandgundy11 10-May-17  08:38 am
IMCqed08-May-17  02:28 pm
S32.axdydavo09-Apr-17  03:16 pm
S32.AXshadetreetrader08-Apr-17  11:47 am
MTS - METCASHgundy07-Apr-17  07:24 pm
RAP - RESAPP HEALTHdydavo14 30-Mar-17  01:26 pm
UPD.AXdydavo30-Mar-17  10:54 am
ALL ARISTOCRAT LEISUREdydavo30-Mar-17  09:59 am
CLQ.AX cobaltdydavo30-Mar-17  09:54 am
ARD_ARGENT MINERALS LIMITEDtryhay22-Mar-17  05:05 pm
RTG_RTG MINING INCtryhay21-Mar-17  09:22 pm
SUN - Soncorptryhay21-Mar-17  05:45 pm
SCU_STEMCELL UNITED LIMITEDtryhay19-Mar-17  08:34 pm
OKU_OKLO RESOURCES LIMITED tryhay19-Mar-17  01:45 pm
QUR_QUANTUM RESOURCES LIMITEDtryhay19-Mar-17  10:21 am
BSE_BASE RESOURCES LIMITEDtryhay16-Mar-17  05:46 pm
GPR_GEOPACIFIC RESOURCES LTDtryhay11-Mar-17  08:27 pm
NXTdydavo10-Mar-17  12:15 pm
BGA dydavo10-Mar-17  10:54 am
TAW - Exploration Iron & Goldpeterloh22 09-Mar-17  09:01 am
RIM_Rimfire Pacific Miningtryhay08-Mar-17  12:19 pm
QBE.AXdydavo07-Mar-17  08:30 am
APG_AUSTPAC RESOURCES NLtryhay06-Mar-17  05:49 pm
WBC Westpac Bankdydavo01-Mar-17  05:12 pm
ASL_AUSDRILL LIMITEDtryhay15 19-Feb-17  06:20 pm
CAA_CAPRAL LIMITEDtryhay17-Feb-17  02:09 pm
GBM_GBM GOLD LTDtryhay15-Feb-17  10:00 pm
KDR-- Gold and .....Lithium? peterloh22 15-Feb-17  09:34 pm
BDR - could this be a Stan Candidate in the near futuremuzza07-Feb-17  11:12 am
WOF_WOLF PETROLEUM LTDpeterloh18-Jan-17  06:45 am
XST_ XSTATE RESOURCES LIMITEDtryhay17-Jan-17  09:00 pm
GRV_GREENVALE ENERGY LIMITEDtryhay17-Jan-17  08:29 pm
GGG Greenland Minpeterloh16-Jan-17  08:58 pm
PEN PENINSULAR ENERGYdydavo16-Jan-17  08:28 am
AJM Altura Miningtryhay25 16-Jan-17  06:51 am
AEE_AURA ENERGY LIMITEDtryhay11-Jan-17  09:26 pm
MSP_MAXSEC GROUP LIMITEDtryhay11-Jan-17  09:12 pm
CCE Carnegie Clean Energydydavo11-Jan-17  09:00 am
SHK Stone Resources Australia Limitedtryhay11-Jan-17  08:08 am
WCN_White Cliff Minerals Limitedtryhay10-Jan-17  09:38 pm
SIQ Smartgroup Corporation SIQdydavo23-Dec-16  10:16 pm
SHV_SELECT HARVESTS LIMITEDbi11ybisks25 18-Nov-16  01:29 am
BKT_BLACK ROCK MINING LIMITEDtryhay31-Oct-16  03:33 pm
SXY Senex Energy Ltdspdfgh20-Oct-16  10:40 pm
SBM St Barbarashadetreetrader23 03-Oct-16  08:29 pm
ORE - Orocobreshadetreetrader26-Sep-16  07:38 pm
CBA_COMMONWEALTH BANK OF AUSTRALIAtryhay12 12-Sep-16  08:40 am
KBL a surprise packagepeterloh09-Sep-16  08:24 am
MMI_METRO MINING LIMITED tryhay04-Sep-16  05:54 pm
PRU_PERSEUS MINING LIMITEDtryhay02-Sep-16  07:31 pm
BSM_BASS METALS LTDtryhay02-Sep-16  06:17 pm
AMC_ AMCOR LIMITEDtryhay29-Aug-16  04:29 pm
MPL_ Medibank Private Limited shadetreetrader20 22-Aug-16  08:41 pm
IMCqed21-Aug-16  03:31 pm
Guess What !!!tryhay105 17-Aug-16  07:07 pm
SEK_SEEK LIMITEDtryhay09-Aug-16  10:29 pm
DCC _DigitalX Ltd tryhay26-Jul-16  10:41 pm
PSC muzza18 13-Jul-16  10:30 am
RIE_RIEDEL RESOURCES LIMITEDtryhay01-Jun-16  10:11 pm
RSGpeterloh30-May-16  09:03 pm
NCM - Newcrest Miningbenson26-May-16  04:08 pm
SHL.AX - Sonic Healthcare Ltd Australiantryhay15 22-May-16  02:00 pm
PIO - Pioneer Resourcestryhay22-May-16  01:50 pm
AQG - Alacer Gold shadetreetrader17-May-16  10:55 am
Intraday VWAP Indicatorbenson12-May-16  12:12 am
EMG_EMERGENT RESOURCES LIMITED tryhay04-May-16  09:27 pm
CEL_CHALLENGER ENERGY LIMITED benson01-May-16  11:42 am
WES - Wesfarmersbenson27-Apr-16  06:04 pm
QAN - Qantasbenson26-Apr-16  04:27 pm
Various buys screen 82100dydavo16-Apr-16  09:41 am
OSH - Oil Search benson07-Apr-16  05:34 pm
Got Milk? shadetreetrader02-Jan-16  10:11 am
Sims Metal Management Ltd SGM.AXtryhay15 17-Nov-15  08:23 am
CWN_CROWN RESORTS LIMITEDtryhay12 10-Nov-15  08:45 pm
COH: Cochlear Ltd Australiatryhay26-Oct-15  08:48 pm
ISX_ISIGNTHIS LTD detailsdydavo19-Oct-15  10:43 am
REA_REA GROUP LTDtryhay18-Oct-15  06:33 pm
CPU_COMPUTERSHARE LIMITEDtryhay18-Oct-15  06:13 pm
ANN_ANSELL LIMITEDtryhay17-Oct-15  07:16 pm
FDC_FEDERATION CENTREStryhay17-Oct-15  06:49 pm
BUX peterloh08-Oct-15  05:20 pm
VRL_VILLAGE ROADSHOW LIMITEDtryhay06-Oct-15  05:54 pm
OXL_OZ MINERALS LIMITEDtryhay06-Oct-15  05:34 pm
REC_RECALL HOLDINGS LIMITEDtryhay06-Oct-15  02:48 pm
MBE_MOBILE EMBRACE LIMITEDtryhay04-Oct-15  09:07 am
MQG_MACQUARIE GROUP LIMITEDtryhay02-Oct-15  05:20 pm
BUX small capital with big potential?peterloh24-Sep-15  09:08 am
VED_VEDA GROUP LIMITEDtryhay18-Sep-15  05:57 pm
JHX_JAMES HARDIE INDUSTRIES PLCtryhay15-Sep-15  05:02 pm
RRL - Regis Resourcesshadetreetrader21 10-Sep-15  08:20 pm
Energy Ouchmsparks14-Aug-15  11:22 pm
High volume volatile penny stockshibikijoji15 18-Mar-15  08:02 pm
EPW - ERM Powershadetreetrader29-Jan-15  08:06 am
Thank You - Gracias - Merci - Grazie - Efharisto, etcdennis_menace07-Apr-14  07:58 pm
PBT - Prana Biotechnology Ltddennis_menace02-Apr-14  06:23 pm
2014 : January to March Compounding Scoreboardmsparks17 29-Mar-14  05:32 pm
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2014...January to March Challenge Week 12msparks26-Mar-14  08:04 pm
2014...January to March Challenge Week 11msparks19 14-Mar-14  11:54 pm
2014...January to March Challenge Week 10msparks12 09-Mar-14  10:07 pm
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2014...January to March Challenge Week 1msparks11 03-Jan-14  04:18 pm
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2013...October to December challenge Week 10gdd318 07-Dec-13  10:27 pm
2013...October to December challenge Week 9msparks10 30-Nov-13  05:48 am
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2013...October to December challenge Week 7msparks17 15-Nov-13  09:48 pm
2013...October to December challenge Week 6espresso11 08-Nov-13  09:42 pm
2013...October to December challenge Week 5.msparks18 01-Nov-13  10:47 pm
2013...October to December challenge Week 4msparks13 26-Oct-13  05:51 am
2013...October to December challenge Week 3msparks23 18-Oct-13  06:52 pm
2013...October to December challenge Week 2msparks15 11-Oct-13  10:43 pm
2013...October to December challenge Week 1msparks24 08-Oct-13  06:42 pm
2013 :July to September Compounding Scoreboardcanoz20 03-Oct-13  02:21 pm
2013...July to September challenge Week 13msparks14 28-Sep-13  04:29 pm
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2013...July to September challenge Week 7espresso16 19-Aug-13  10:00 am
2013...July to September challenge Week 6msparks09-Aug-13  04:57 pm
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2013...July to September challenge Week 4msparks19 26-Jul-13  04:34 pm
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2013...April to June Challenge Week 4msparks11 26-Apr-13  06:16 pm
2013...April to June Challenge Week 3msparks10 19-Apr-13  06:56 pm
2013...April to June Challenge Week 2msparks13 12-Apr-13  05:08 pm
2013...April to June Challenge Week 1elisabeth12 06-Apr-13  05:05 pm
2013...January to March Challenge Week 13stampy12 01-Apr-13  10:02 am
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2013...January to March Challenge Week 11rockon20 16-Mar-13  05:46 am
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Svmgamefisherman23-Jan-13  11:34 am
2013...January to March Challenge Week 3msparks31 18-Jan-13  05:05 pm
Archive through January 17, 2013gdd31990 110 17-Jan-13  11:40 am
Archive through December 20, 2011dennis_menace1688 111 20-Dec-11  10:00 pm
Archive through April 03, 2011p3t32285 247 03-Apr-11  04:47 pm
Archive through October 14, 2010dennis_menace1909 122 14-Oct-10  12:35 am
Archive through April 16, 2010dennis_menace1197 104 16-Apr-10  02:27 pm
Archive through December 25, 2009peterloh851 106 25-Dec-09  10:22 pm
Archive through September 09, 2009ken924 107 09-Sep-09  09:20 pm
Archive through July 04, 2008gdd3927 107 04-Jul-08  06:36 pm
Archive through December 06, 2007pse983 105 06-Dec-07  09:50 am
Archive through July 07, 2007tryhay8457 1035 07-Jul-07  01:53 pm
Archive through 2005ohkoolnutz6004 876 30-Dec-05  05:48 pm
Archive through 2004istilduno11917 2056 20-Dec-04  11:03 am
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Colin Twiggs

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Wednesday, January 30, 2002 - 11:47 am:Edit Post Delete Post Print Post    View Post/Check IP (Moderator/Admin only) Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only) Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Some suggested ground rules for this topic:

1) Try to limit your submissions to one or two stocks and don't post your whole watchlist;

2) Identify the time frame as:
(a) short (10 days or less),
(b) intermediate/medium term (2 weeks to 3 months), or
(c) long (more than 3 months);

3) Identify bullish/ bearish stock signals;

4) Avoid making recommendations like "buy this stock" or statements like "this is bound to go up 50% in the next 10 days"; and

5) Don't take conflicting views as personal criticism (never invest with your ego).

This topic is intended to help investors test their analytical skills by measuring their analysis against the views of other traders.

Visitors should not interpret any of the content as a securities recommendation and should not use this forum as a substitute for investment advice from a qualified financial advisor.

We remind visitors of their undertaking regarding General Advice under the Terms of Use of this site.

[Apologies for all the legality but I would hate to see someone invest their life savings in ENE - only to find out later that it was Shonky's compass bearing]

Colin Twiggs
Incredible Charts

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Colin Twiggs

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Wednesday, January 30, 2002 - 11:56 am:Edit Post Delete Post Print Post    View Post/Check IP (Moderator/Admin only) Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only) Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

A further caution:

None of the persons (as far as we know) who submit to this forum are licensed financial advisors.

We are also unable to verify all of the facts contained in these submissions.

Readers are advised to independently verify any of the statements or information provided in this forum before acting upon them.

Colin Twiggs
Incredible Charts

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Username: colin_twiggs

Post Number: 451
Registered: 09-2002

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I have moved "Sailing the ASX" to the "Traders Groups" topics. Readers will be able to continue this thread without disturbing other users.

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